You Can’t Hide From Monday…. mondayLOL Some of my closest friends would love to hide from mondays. They are still my favorite day of the week.  You can’t hide from mondays, you should look forward to them.

Now what reasons do we have to hate mondays?  Well for most people I encounter, its because they aren’t happy with their job.  Hmmmmm, why not change your job then?  Or change your attitude about your job?  If you don’t like what you do, why are you doing it?  How much better would life be if you were doing something you love for a job??  Why aren’t you??

Ok, that was a ton of questions, but hopefully it got you thinking….  Taking a cut in pay may not seem like a great idea, but if you love what you would be doing, you would find ways to make up the lost income I bet.  Going back to school, hell thats easy now.  Most things can be done online and at night, no excuses left…There are trade schools, vocational programs, community education, etc..  My wife fell in love with fitness, took her time and learned, studied and prepared, now she is an instructor..  Its not hard to do, just might be hard to take that first step..

Hating mondays because of work is a sign that maybe you need to look at changing your job or your attitude about it.  I bet someone who loves their job, does it much better than someone who doesn’t like their work.  Finding a way to take pride in what you do is not that hard either, if you build stuff, be proud of your creation, if you help people, be proud of it, if you teach, god, be very proud to provide youth with knowledge.  Look at what you do, I bet there is a lot of pride that can come from your service, find it and relish it.

HAve a great week.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

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