“Who’s Got Your Back?”

This was a picture I used for a chiropractic ad I did a few years back.  My slogan was “I’ve Got Your Back”  Having someone to fall back to when things are tough is a great thing. A true friend would be your best option in this case. So who’s got your back?
Life can be hard sometimes, or at least appear that way. There are days when I am not myself, no motivation to do what needs to be done. Can’t tell you why or when this happens, but thats when I go looking for that someone to bring me back. For me its usually someone different, sometimes I need a laugh, sometimes it’s to vent about something, sometimes its advise I seek. But I have a group of friends that I can turn to when I need some help. There is a book I read “The Power or Who” Bob Beaudine is the author I think. He talks about you already know everyone you need to know to get where you want to get. That is probably very true, but knowing who you need and when you need them can be tricky.
So spend a few minutes and go through your support group, remember who makes you laugh, who makes you feel super, who gives you good advice, etc.. And remember they are your friends and they will help you.

Build, Inspire, Live

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