What to do about the “Others” ??

there will always be "others"There will be a few of these “others” you will encounter on your journey to do your dreams. These “others” will be the ones that try and stop you by any means necessary. Now these “others” maybe just ordinary people or they may be HUGE organizations.
These “Others” are the negatives to your positive and they exist in every dream there is. Lets imagine a guy comes up with a new battery (hopefully its one of my children) , this new battery holds its charge 10X longer then the best battery out there today. This battery would make electric cars worth the effort, would decrease the use of petroleum products, eliminate the need for traditional batteries because they would be rechargable and last forever with little effort. Now who do you think the “others” would be in this situation? Well you can look close or wide, the oil companies, local and world wide would be threatened, the car companies would be threatened, the current battery companies would also be threatened. Those are some big “others”, the governments would want it too, not to mention greedy businessmen who know about it.
Now maybe your dream is smaller, like losing 10-20 or more pounds. You will still have “others” they may not seem that big, but they are there to destroy your dream. Some might not even know they are doing it, picture a friend who has one of those metabolism where they can eat anything anytime and still lose weight. Well they will offer you food, snacks, drinks, etc without purposely knowing they are destroying your dream. Maybe you are starting a business, the “others” might be competitors, jealous colleagues etc..
The purpose of this post was to let you know and to be aware that they exist. Thats all, it’s your dream, you can’t let the “Others” stop you from achieving it. Sure, you may get distracted, stray from your course, but remember its your dream and you will find your path again and be closer to your end.
Build, Inspire, Live
Linden P

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