Today I was Born!!!

I was born todayHappy Birthday to me:) Spent the last hour at the dentist, not too bad but as I sit here trying to drink my coffee and type this, I have a numb upper lip on the left and numb lower lip on the right, making things very difficult…

Ok, I have used this picture to describe my birthday, obviously thats not me, if it were I would have a vikings helmet on at least.  Plus, at 42yo, there is no way I will involve a lot of alcohol, its just too painful in the morning.  So, I made it one more time around the sun, congrats to me…

I wonder if other ponder life on their birthdays, wonder where things went wrong, what went right, what can be done now and in the future to ensure a happy, fun and enjoyable life?

I don’t think I spend anymore time on my birthday thinking about that stuff, I do think about it everyday.  But for some, maybe the BIRTHDAY is a good day to look at what things need to be done now and in the future to reach the goals we set for ourselves.  I hope you have friends and family to celebrate with, I see facebook has 50+  messages for me this morning, that is nice to see, but there are 4 people I want to spend some time with today and that is my wife and 3 kids.  I love my family, I am not a card guy, just phone me and wish me a happy birthday. My mom and dad and sister usually get a call from me, since I married, my wife has been the one to buy cards for people.  I have three great friends from childhood that I love to hear from too, as well as other close friends.

So If you are up for it, celebrate today for me by being happy and inspiring to others and enjoy..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

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