Sticks and Stones!!!

insults tgim lindenRemember the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”? What happened to us over the years? People seem to be hurt more by words than by anything else. Depression is a huge business, I know there are chemicals in the body that aren’t right in some, and I am not going to try and understand (believe me I have spent years trying to understand it). I know it exists….
But I do know that smiling causes more good chemical to be produced in the body, feeling happy with yourself will cause more good chemicals in your body too. I can’t comprehend how someone couldn’t like themselves, everyone of us is literally a miracle happening. Someone’s words shouldn’t hurt us, at worst they should make us wonder how we can improve our great selves. The only reason words will hurt us is if we aren’t comfortable in our own skin. So obviously thats the key issue as I see it (and I am by no means a doctor of the mind). If we find a way to feel comfortable in ourselves, words will have little effect on us. Sure I feel it when someone rejects me, but it doesn’t hurt me. Words are powerful tools, but anyone who uses words to hurt someone else isn’t worth getting upset about.
There are people out there who don’t love themselves, and hence try to bring everyone down to their level. I have known a few of these people, always negative and if you hang around them long enough, you find yourself becoming more like them, it really can’t be helped.. Its like the force is strong with these type of people. So my suggestion is to avoid them as often as you can, hard as it may be, try and rid yourselves of those negative people in your life. They are taking years off your time here and they aren’t making you smile.
Todays post wasn’t that cheery, I apologize for that, but you do need to know that you are special and you should love that about you. Words shouldnt hurt you as much as sticks or stones…
Smile, i love you too:D
Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

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