Snow Day….

snowHey, first real snowstorm of the year for us, and its March……  I am going home to take the kids sledding before heading to the office.  Work needs to happen, but play MUST happen too.

Some people aren’t fortunate enough to live in the upper midwest and have snow days, but you can’t have everything I guess.

Overnight we got a fresh 8+” of snow, everything, I mean everything is bright WHITE.  Beautiful, a fresh canvas to start the day.  Now, I got the driveway done, waiting till 7:30am so the neighbors don’t bitch.  My boys came out to help shortly after that.  They really aren’t much help, but oh its fun to watch them work around the snow.  They dug my van out, then proceeded to go make their mark all over the fresh canvas of snow.  Front and backyard now has snow angles, boot tracks and more.

How do you find your fresh canvas?  For me, its Mondays.  I love them, a whole new week of possibilities, challenges, decisions, etc..   But thats me, what do you do to get yourself focused?  A fresh canvas allows you to see only your goals, dreams and the things to come.  I think its needed quite often in this age, too many distractions, they take our focus away from where we want to go.

So, if you can’t do Mondays, find something that works for you to get that FRESH CANVAS and get your focus back.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

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