Smile its free currency for happiness.

smile its free and funI am sitting in the coffee shop making a point to make eye contact and smile at everyone that walks in. Creepy huh?? LOL
This picture makes me smile just thinking about it. But I do love kids and they make me laugh and smile all the time.
You know by now that if you smile, it changes the chemicals in your body and anyone who sees you smile too. If you didn’t know that, you haven’t been reading my posts…
Smiling is so easy, free and beneficial, why spend the day unhappy when you could be HAPPY!!! I know you can’t be upbeat all the time, but the world I see a lot of seems to not even know how to smile. Sitting here though, I have made at least 7 people smile back at me and thats a great start. Now maybe they will spend the day wondering WHY, but they did smile back and that was my plan.
So enjoy your monday, smile as much as you can today without creeping anyone out though k?
Build, Inspire, Live…
Linden P

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