Pop a Pill………..

pop a pill,,, lindenI am not a fan of pills, I do know they are necessary sometimes, but believe they are over used. This picture, although kinda funny is actually kinda scary to me. Happiness shouldn’t be a hard thing to come by, there are so many little things to appreciate and make you smile. You just need to SEE them.

Smell the spring air, SEE children playing, watch birds fly, pick your nose, whatever makes you smile works.  The world is full of amazing things to see, smell, touch and even taste.  Ok, don’t go licking the bugs off the headlights, but you get my drift.  Find these little things and just STOP, ENJOY and SMILE.  Its not hard, it won’t hurt you and its easy.  Driving into work this morning, I saw (almost hit) two turkeys in the road.  They are amazingly ugly creatures, but they did put a smile on my face, I saw a couple fields already turned over, birds on the wires, sun coming up, clouds and the blue sky.  How many of you actually SEE and enjoy the sky and clouds?  Remember as a kid, laying on your back picking out all kinds of shapes in the clouds?  Why did you stop doing that?

I want people to SEE the world as a beautiful, remarkable and amazing place, full of small pleasures if you just take a second to LOOK.

Hope you smile all day.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P.

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