Money isn’t the answer…

money isn't the answerTrue, we all need money in this day and age. I do have a friend who gave up money and started his own form of currency though. Seems to work well if there are enough people willing to join you in a bartering type system.
Money is needed, but its not the answer to lifes problems.

I know a few people who have all the money they will ever need, unfortunately, thats pretty much all they have.  Friends aren’t really friends, they tolerate him because he can help them become more like him.  Funny huh?  They don’t like this person they want to be more like??  That doesn’t make any sense to me at all when I think about it.  But hey, money is king right?  No, its not.  all the money in the world can’t buy true friendship, relationships or even health for that matter.  Not saying there aren’t many people out there with alot of money and true friends, spouse, etc..  Just saying that money didn’t make these things happen or make that person who they are.  Character plays a huge role in being rich.  Not rich in money, rich in life.  Being true to yourself, your friends, family and colleagues makes you rich beyond belief.  Ethics, morals and your ability to show compassion, empathy and joy make you a rich person.

Yes, you do need money, but if you aren’t trying to keep up with the Jone’s, you probably don’t need that much money to thrive.  I drive a 2000 Ford Minivan, it starts and goes just the same as my neighbors Audi, gets better gas mileage and can haul a small soccer team.  LOL  I have never seen the need for a HUGE house, thats way too much to clean….Plus, we are know love grows best in little houses…

Happy Monday everyone.

Linden P.

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