“I LOST MY MIND!!!” But I like it.

lost my mind, linden pThere was a time way back when, I started on a friday afternoon, sunday afternoon when I woke up, I was in IOWA. Now over the years, some of those 3 days came back to me, but for the most part I lost my mind for a few days.
Now the people I met along my “walk-a-bout” told me I was happy and the life of the party, so maybe this wasn’t a bad thing???

OK, granted I was young with no real responsibility and my body could handle a few days without sleep, but in the long run, when reflecting on what I did remember, my happiness was artificial.  Without our minds, we aren’t us.  I lost my inhibitions (the few I actually had back then), forgot any responsibilities and obligations I had and took a mental break.  Sometimes I understand the need for that, but when we are older, we have kids, spouses, family, work, friends, etc. that depend on us, going on an unscheduled walk-a-bout won’t work anymore.  So what can we do…

Last night I met with some colleagues who shared what they use to reset themselves.  So this morning I made my first attempt at meditation of sorts.  Its called 49 breaths, takes about 8-12 minutes and was very refreshing.  I don’t know if I will make this part of my daily routine yet, but this or something similar is needed for me to reset myself and focus.  So what do you do to “escape” for  a bit?  Anything?  Well if you don’t, you really need to look into something that will work for you.  Clearing the junk from you will open you up to new and exciting things.

So, not that 49 breaths will be your thing, but look into it, find something that will work for you and your situation to help reset and focus you toward your goals…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

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