How do you choose to live your life?

miracle linden pfeifferI choose to see everything as a miracle, if you take the time to look at live and its events, creations, etc… You may start to think like I do.  Lets look at our bodies to start, these are amazing works of art, billions of cells working together to allow us to live.  In reality we need little fuel, product little waste, can heal ourselves, grow, change, adapt,etc…  How is that not a miracle???  Our minds work so well that we can recall many things from childhood, remember dates, special moments, faces and even come up with solutions to problems.  Amazing.

So how about something simpler?

Well lets take just a flower, or plant.  Again, requires very little fuel, produces very little waste, starts out as a seed,  then grows into something with a purpose.  But look at the amazing things just a simple flower does, it can open and close depending on its needs, it can turn and face the sun, produce oxygen and also reproduce.  AMAZING..

Take a look around and see the miracles you are missing.

Look at anything, even a chair across the office, the wood used was once a seed, the materials that make it up weren’t orginally that way, the metal had to be forged, molded, formed into its current shape, AMAZING!!  The stuffing, covering and even the stitching had to be created our of something else.  Babies are the easy things to look at as miracles, and they are precious ones at that, but the world around you is miraculous and you should be enjoying its creation.  Spend some time today appreciating some of the miracles around you.

Build, inspire, live

Linden P

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