How Creative Are You?

1113Look at the picture above, thats creative thinking that solved a simple problem and made someone happy.

Thats what we are here for people, to create.  Whether its a vaccine that cures AIDS, a picture that makes people cry, a warm toilet seat to comfort someone.  We are creative creatures, we do it everyday with our decisions and choices.  So, lets spend some time making great choices that help others to be happier and feel more alive.

All of us, yes, all of us have the ability, but some choose to make others sad, unhappy and down right miserable.  Its a choice people, choose to change and think differently.  If you smile, the people that see your smile change, its science, chemicals are released in their bodies, change happens for the good.

If you provide create negative things, thoughts, actions, etc..  Negative things follow.  If we create positive things, thoughts and actions, positive stuff happens.

We aren’t here long enough to spend the whole time suffering, its an easy choice, maybe its a hard job, but and easy choice to try and create positive change.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

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