Guess What?

trexNo matter how sad you are, there are others with much worse problems than yours.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and find a better way to live.

Yes, you could be a T-Rex who has to make beds, or you could be the guy who gives elephants enemas, your life isn’t as bad as you think, trust me…

So, finding a positive in a bunch of negatives may not be easy, but its doable.  Look at your life, what you do for others, those who love you, those who depend on you…  You will find those positive if you are seeking them.  You can’t say no one loves you, because I do, you can’t say you don’t do things for others either (if you work in service, you help others), people depend on you, even if you don’t realize it.  Maybe its just someone who secretly waits to see you at the coffee shop every morning, or someone at work?  There are positives in everything, you just have to open your mind and find them.

So, its monday morning, how is your week going to go?  The correct answer is AWESOME!!!!  Yes, I grew up in the 80’s.  LOL

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P.

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