Being Creative…

creative thinking tgim pfeifferOk, this one is tougher for me, my mind loves to be creative, just sometimes I get distracted by shiny things and move onto something else,  I happens a lot with me.  Someday maybe I will have enough expendable income to hire someone to follow through with my ideas.  lol

I really like thinking and living outside the box, its where I am most comfortable.  So how about you?  Do you have a creative mind?  Do you like problems that make you think?  Finding solutions that just plain work?  I own a business, marketing is always on my mind, I used to love marketing, but over the years, one can become jaded by bad ROI, lying salesman, etc..  The best and cheapest form of marketing for me is still face to face.  If I can have your attention for 2 minutes, chances are you will drop by my office to check me out.  This doesn’t work as well for me with groups though, basically one on one.  Now for building a business, this is time consuming and if you are a guy and remember asking some cute girl to dance way back when, rejection is not fun.  LOL  I remember those days, making that long ass walk acrossed the gym only to get a no to your request to dance, that is a very long walk back with your buddies laughing at you.  But you know what, I did that over and over again.  Learned at a young age that its a numbers game sometimes.  Once you get a gal to dance with you, assuming you can dance, the other gals now want to be out there having fun.

I sell chiropractic, its something people don’t want to pay for, something they don’t think they need, and something most dont’ understand.  Its hard when you aren’t a charismatic salesman.  I get a lot of rejection, but know its a numbers game and every so often I get someone who needs and wants my service, makes it all worth it.

This picture is a very creative college student who probably has the munchies and wanted some pasta?  Granted I am sure there was a hint of coffee flavor to his noodles, but he made it work.  Last year we made smores on our deck with some tin foil and the sun,  they weren’t the best, but they did the job.  What problems do you have that could maybe be solved in a more creative or unconventional way?  Problems are there for us to find solutions, be creative and create..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

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