Are you different? differentHey, I may not be in this caliber or successful people, but I may end up there someday:)  I AM DIFFERENT!!!  So are you BTW :)

Being different is not a curse, its a blessing people.  If you feel different inside, be proud if that, own it and let it shine.  This pertains to sexuality, spirituality, hell, live in general.    Keeping things inside can be harmful to you, being different is not a bad thing.

Yesterday was 9/11.  I wrote about how I love the USA and its freedoms, now, today lets make sure you enjoy those.  You are protected by the constitution  on many of these issues, and if given enough time, all of them:D  Being afraid to be who you really are is not a happy way to live.  Let yourself out, be happy with who you are and for god sake enjoy being different.  Maybe you have a 3rd eye (now that would be cool), maybe you were born with autism, missing limbs, etc..  That doesn’t make you any less of a human being, be yourself, overcome what needs to be overcome and get happy with yourself.

Happy Weds, I hope you are happy to be different and make today a great day.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

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