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hulk, yoda, tgimpage.comNow this is something I have known for years, but no-one ever believed me.   Do you have things you know are true but others don’t seem to follow your thinking?  Like maybe how great you are, how smart, how strong or how confident you are??

You know certain things to be true, and about you they are.   But sometimes just telling others what you know is not the best way to go about letting others know your special.  I think showing them is a much better idea and way of showing how special you really are.  It does two things, first off you don’t come off as arrogant, cocky or even rude by showing people and secondly, you get to use your special skills while showing them.  Using what you have is always better than telling what you have.  Right?  If you are smart, strong, confident or just plain great, why not just spread your specialness around and make others happy.  It just seems right to use what you have to make others life’s easier, happier and better.

So its friday, I had to post this pic, its too cool to not.  Finding things to write about is super easy too when I find great photos like this one to go off of.  Thanks world for providing me with so many resources to work from.

Have a great weekend and be safe and happy.

Build, inspire, live

Linden P.

You Are Special…Yes You Are!!!

you are special tgim lindenOk, Listen to me with BOTH ears, this is important.  You Are Special….  I shouldn’t have to say anymore on this, but I will because some people out there don’t seem to get it.

I have probably wrote on this before, but its that important that I will write on it again and again.  You are special, period.. Everyone is.  Sometimes we may not feel that way, but we are all special and important to someone.  Whether you are a son, daughter, father, mother, friend or foe, you are special.  You can spend time trying to find out what makes you special, but I suggest you just BE!!  Just be special.  It doesn’t matter if you are rich, funny or smart, it just matters that you are special.

You are loved by someone, inspired by someone, depended upon by someone and that is special.  Don’t spend time wondering what, just remember and enjoy the fact you are special.  It maybe someone you don’t even know really well, I have been inspired by many people I have never met, been made to laugh from someone I only met in passing, and had some really bizarre feeling from a girl acrossed the bar that smiled at me once.  lol  See, you never know who will get something special from you, so don’t try to be special, just know you are and enjoy that feeling.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P