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What is your Security Blanket like?

This picture brings back some serious memories as a child. When I was younger, had a recurring nightmare about being chased by snakes in the basement of our old house. The dreams went on for years then stopped. Since that day I haven’t been able to remember any dreams I have had since. Makes me wonder if I still only have that one recurring dream or if my dreams are all really cool and sci fi like.. lol
So I figure somewhere along the way, my mind decided that the nightmare wasn’t a good thing for me and blocked it for my protection. Now I am no Psycho analytical guy, so I haven’t paid much attention to why, how or even what my dream meant. Maybe that plays a role in why I am how I am huh?? lol

So my kids, all three of them each have several security systems in place already. My daughter had her blankie and nub forever it seems, finally it got flushed down the toilet by her by accident. (Yeah!!!) But she still has a dollies nub that she puts on her lips at night to fall asleep. My boys, well they have several stuffed animals that protect them through the night. My middle son even drew a really cool monster and put him under his bed for protection.
So what is your teddy bear or security blanket? What makes you feel 10 feet tall and bullet-proof (no, not alcohol, that would be a whole nother talk..)?
Mine is people, I need people around me to feel secure and safe. Weird as it seems, to a certain point, people make me feel comfortable. Now too many people (not a fan of crowds) do the opposite. But when I am in the mix with people, I seem at ease with life, social and very happy.
SO, what is your security blanket so to speak? Is it easy to use, or something more complicated? Finding what makes you feel safe and secure will help you on your journey through this adventure of life.
Make sure you think about it, find it if you haven’t yet and use it to enjoy life more..

Build, inspire, Live..