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Stop Bit$#ing about you Job.

treeIf you think your job is hard, take a look above.  125 years ago, these men cut down THIS tree with THAT saw.  They then proceeded to cut THAT tree in to 25 foot sections so the train could take one section on each car.

If you complain about your job, QUIT!  That is not where you belong.  You need to find a JOB that you enjoy, take pride in and actually are productive.  Sure, you may need to take a job in the mean time, but find one that instills some sort of confidence, pride or fun.

Being unhappy is for the most part your fault, if you aren’t happy, change what you can and become happy….

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Linden P

Fake it till you make it..

foxHey, if you aren’t the person you want to be, the old saying “Fake it till you make it” is worth exploring.  A positive mental attitude leads to a positive mental attitude.

You need to have the confidence and self worth to drive towards your dream, if you don’t, maybe there are issues you need to resolve before you can move forward??  Mental issues are not my thing, if you don’t like who you are, you may need to figure out why that is first, before you can move into the person you want to be.  But, pretending to be that person you want to be, may in deed be enough to get you onto your next level.  Finding courage, leadership and self esteem can sometimes be as easy as taking that first step.  I was talking with my 6yo about overcoming fear, fear is good, but only if you can face it with real or fake courage…  I talked with her about how she over came her fear (or rather just closed her eyes and jumped) of the diving board.  I reminded her of how my fun she would be missing out on if she had never taken that leap for the first time.

She understands it, but will still struggle with it in certain scenerios.  So, how about you?  What fear is stopping you?  Maybe Fake it Till you Make it will work.  Can’t hurt to try right?

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Linden P

What Happens In Vegas….

vegasYou know the saying, what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.  But if you live in community of any kind, you know word spreads fast and doesn’t stay quiet..

How can this help you reach your goals?  Everything (well almost everything) can be used for good or bad, lets choose to find good ways to use things.  So, word spread fast, well lets say you are stuck somewhere on your journey, maybe you need something specific, some knowledge, skill or product.  Why not put the word out and find the help you need amongst your friends and community??  Bob Beaudine wrote a great book about how we already know everyone we need to know to reach out goals, we just need to find them by asking for help.

So with that premise, we can and should be asking our friends and community for help.  That doesn’t mean they need to know our dreams and goals, but people in general love to help and feel important, so why not find those that can help you reach your goal….

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Linden P


actionI really don’t think I need to say much more.  Keep on your dreams and goals, take those simple steps that get you closer to them and keep moving..

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Linden P

No Matter What….

dreamsHaving a dream and working towards it is great.  Never giving up on that dream is HUGE.  Now if you are a Rhino and your dream happens to be becoming a Unicorn, well……..Keep the dream…

Its the last week of January, many people have already given up on their new years resolutions (kinda small dreams), but some of you have made those resolutions into BIG DREAMS and are still working hard to get there.  Congrats…

I can’t pretend to know all the people who read this blog, but hear me well, I do support and commend you on setting and striving for goals.  Keep up the hard work and get to your goal.  Then set some more…..

Please remember, there are people everywhere who benefit from you working hard and reaching your goals, whether you believe it or not, there truly are people who care.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Every Step You Take….

goal1Hey, happy Tuesday morning..  With the holiday yesterday (MLK day), I wanted to wait till today to write.

What is your GOAL?  Being a vikings fan, I look at Adrian Peterson and use him for motivation on goals.  I picture in my head that everytime he touches the football, his only goal is to reach the endzone.  If you have seen him run at all, I think that pretty much sums it up.  He doesn’t stop trying to reach the endzone, ever……

So Every Step You Take should be directed towards your goals.  Now that can be tricky, but its right on.  This doesn’t mean neglecting your other duties, maybe you are a husband, father, etc..  You have to find a balance in this, but every move you make should be getting you closer to your goal, without pissing off your spouse, kids or anyone.  Being too focused can leave you all alone and when you finally get where you wanted to go, you maybe all alone in your glory.

So, remember to balance what you are doing, but always have your feet pointed towards your goals…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P


attitudeOk, its been a week or so, I apologize, but life is still great and busy.  I have been down with a blown up knee, but Attitude keeps me moving.

Sure, moving with a bad knee isn’t the best idea sometimes….Sometimes rest, ice, compression and elevation are needed.  LOL

But a positive attitude will take you a long ways, plus it will annoy those around you who don’t have one..  How do you keep a positive attitude??  Well you look for the good in everything, sometimes that hard to find, but its there, if it isn’t obvious to you to start with, then change the way you think about it.  For me, a blown up knee, well pissed me off to start, but gave me time to rest, talk and read with my kids, watch TV, and relax.  I know it won’t last, so I savored every painful moment of it.   I am here writing this with my leg in a brace, throbbing and when I move it, pain…  LOL

The pain will go away, I know that, the swelling will go away (with ice and other things), I will be back to my version of normal soon.  Keeping a positive attitude isn’t easy, but I think its truly necessary to heal, grown and enjoy life.

Positive attitude about work, about marriage, about kids, everything…  If you don’t like your job, find that one thing that makes you proud, or sit back and change your thinking abit to see how you help others and take pride in that.

Attitude is important, and a positive attitude is essential…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

If you Dream, DREAM BIG!!!

freddieFreddie Mercury wasn’t a one of a kind person, he was driven, determined and he knew what he wanted.  Those things combined to make him Legendary.

You have the same ability, but, you need to find what drives you, develop the determination and GO FOR IT.  So, knowing what you want is the first step.

Sure, go easy and just wish for winning the lottery, or maybe aliens come down and give you super powers, could be you discover 1000 pounds of gold in your garden…  LOL  Sorry, but those aren’t likely gonna happen.  the aliens I know don’t have any special powers, they are here because they thought we did…

So find your dream, is it money, helping people, kids, success, fame, whatever it is, find it.  Once you know what you want, what you truly want to be happy, then start working towards that goal.  It’s not complicated, might be hard, but its really as simple as knowing what you want and finding your way there to get it.

Sure, might take a lifetime, but how fun would that be, chasing your dream for a lifetime?  God, I would love that, adventure after adventure, problem after problem, solution after solution….Get it?  Its not hard, it just takes determination, drive and focus.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Most, huh all of my problems are from….

thinkingHappy Monday morning:D

I know all of you are up and happy and ready for the day right?  LOL, well my vikes lost, been sick for a week and my left arm (I am left handed) hasn’t worked at all since weds of last week.  But I am happy and smiling:D  You should be too.

My problems will resolve, my cold is almost gone, my left arm now has biceps and at least partial triceps firing…  and my vikes, well, next year we win the super bowl……

This picture, I like it  a lot and it rings true for the most part I think.  When I was younger, I did create many, many, many problems by not thinking, it seemed to be my motto of sorts..  But, as I grew older, I started to change that way of doing.  Now, whether that was a conscious change or not, I can’t tell you.

But now adays, I try my hardest not to over react (act without thinking), and make choices that will benefit me and others around me.  Maybe I got tired of fixing problems I created for myself, maybe I just matured, not sure, but either way, it helps.

There are those out there that play the otherside of this quote, and they need to be reminded that thinking too much does nothing for making things happen.  Action is needed to create, and if you follow my blog at all, creation is what we are here to do.  So, being the new year and monday, lets work this week on making things happen that are good, taking action on things we need to to create what we want and have fun…….

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Everyone Makes an Impact..

tgimpage.comIf you don’t believe you make a difference to someone somewhere, you are dead wrong.  We all have people we impact, whether its just a smile on the street, or a shoulder to cry on when we are down.  We all are loved by someone.

I see people all the time who don’t understand how powerful they really are, they don’t KNOW they affect me and those around them.  Everyone, Everywhere has this impact.  So, my challenge to you is to make that impact a positive one.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to stop and help everyone you see, but it means smiling more, saying Hello more, opening and holding doors more, listening to others more, etc.  Nothing too hard right?  But as I sit here typing this, I have seen only a few marks of positive impact, there needs to be much more.  I know your life is hard, everyone’s is.  But having a positive outlook will impact those around you with positive thoughts and energy.  Your life isn’t the worst out there, just read the paper, listen to the news, there are others out there much worse off than we could ever imagine.  So stop wallowing in self pity and try and try and give others inspiration and hope, I bet it will in turn give you all you need.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P