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You Have to Love Yourself….and….


I kinda stole this from a friends facebook post, but it is so good, I have to share.

This blog was started by myself to help people build, inspire and live a fun, fulfilling life.  If you go back and read through, you will see humor, inspiration and many posts on goals and working towards them.

What I seem to have left out till this point was the fact that you need to love and believe in yourself to make things happen.  Love is a funny thing, but it IS NECESSARY and required to enjoy a happy fulfilling life.

We are amazing creatures, being a chiropractor and knowing the things I know about how our bodies work, how amazing and adaptive we are, how we function and grow, it makes it even more special.

You need to understand how special you are, there are people everywhere that you touch in a special way, they love you, need you and if you haven’t accepted their love, you are missing out on something HUGE.  I just saw two experiments on how people perceive themselves and how others perceive them, it was truly amazing to see how others see beauty when in you when you don’t….  You are beautiful, you are special, you are amazing, why not accept that?

Spend some time exploring yourself, find those things that make you warm inside and embrace them, love them, love yourself…Then go out and spread that love, see how the world changes with just you….

By Linden Pfeiffer

(with a little help from Dan M.  Thanks for being you Dan.)

Follow Directions..

linden pfeiffer










Ok, so if you are a guy, you might not read the directions right off, but eventually you will.  Directions are nice, usually simple steps to get what needs to be done, done.

Life doesn’t come with directions unfortunately.  Sure, some people may try and sell you some instructions on living, but in reality, we are all totally different people, with different memories, different experiences, different ways of dealing with things, etc..

We are all different, directions for life usually don’t apply to more than a few people.  Yes, there are basic guidelines to live by, check out the bible, there are 10 good guidelines to live by in there.   But for living outside of the basic guidelines, there aren’t truly correct instructions for people to follow.

So what should we do?  This is where goals can help, setting goals is a good way to find a path to follow.  Goals that help others and yourself are good too.  But everyone of us is different in so many ways, finding what works for you best is the key.  It may take time to figure out whats best for you, but trying is a good start.  Maybe you are kinda like me, dressing for success didn’t work for me, I don’t feel comfortable or like myself wearing a tie and dress shirt.  I feel much more comfortable and like myself in jeans and a polo.  Fitness, diet and lifestyles all fit into this plan too.  Some people get better benefits from certain workouts because they “fit” them better, diet the same.

So, look at the things you are doing that make you uncomfortable, find more comfortable ways to do those things, ways that you feel better doing them.  This will take stress out of your life, hopefully helping you find your path to reach your goal quicker and easier.

By Linden Pfeiffer

Did you Catch a Leprechaun?


Hey, happy day after St. Patties Day.  I hope all made it home safely.  As you know, I have tried several times to catch Santa, the Tooth Fairy (she is a sly one), the easter Bunny (he is just plain mean) and a leprechaun.

Well last night, just before bar close, I met up with one, we had some drinks, told some stories and I thought all was good.  My plan was to get him to my house, tie him up and make him give me my new found gold.

Um, not really sure where and what went wrong, but woke up this morning to an empty liquor cabinet, empty fridge and the above picure.

Trust me people, I can’t stress this enough….  Don’t ever, ever party with a leprechaun (or for that matter any of these holiday creatures).  I won’t give up on my quest to capture them, but with each failure I learn something new about them, so in time, I will finish this quest or have enough knowledge to pass on to my children so they can finish it.

Remember, failure isn’t the end, but we need to learn from it, pick ourselves up (buy more liquor and food) and move forward with what we now know.

Keep Doing Your Dreams

Linden P.

No Matter What….

dreamsHaving a dream and working towards it is great.  Never giving up on that dream is HUGE.  Now if you are a Rhino and your dream happens to be becoming a Unicorn, well……..Keep the dream…

Its the last week of January, many people have already given up on their new years resolutions (kinda small dreams), but some of you have made those resolutions into BIG DREAMS and are still working hard to get there.  Congrats…

I can’t pretend to know all the people who read this blog, but hear me well, I do support and commend you on setting and striving for goals.  Keep up the hard work and get to your goal.  Then set some more…..

Please remember, there are people everywhere who benefit from you working hard and reaching your goals, whether you believe it or not, there truly are people who care.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Every Step You Take….

goal1Hey, happy Tuesday morning..  With the holiday yesterday (MLK day), I wanted to wait till today to write.

What is your GOAL?  Being a vikings fan, I look at Adrian Peterson and use him for motivation on goals.  I picture in my head that everytime he touches the football, his only goal is to reach the endzone.  If you have seen him run at all, I think that pretty much sums it up.  He doesn’t stop trying to reach the endzone, ever……

So Every Step You Take should be directed towards your goals.  Now that can be tricky, but its right on.  This doesn’t mean neglecting your other duties, maybe you are a husband, father, etc..  You have to find a balance in this, but every move you make should be getting you closer to your goal, without pissing off your spouse, kids or anyone.  Being too focused can leave you all alone and when you finally get where you wanted to go, you maybe all alone in your glory.

So, remember to balance what you are doing, but always have your feet pointed towards your goals…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

You Hit Like a B^%CH…

tgimpage.comHappy two days after Christmas, wanted to get back on track and prepare for the new year.

Its hard sometimes for me to accept change, I am a creature of routine, I like things rolling along smoothly.  KISS is my moto, keep it super simple…I have office shirts, so I don’t have to deal with what to wear, I have a morning routine, workout, coffee, blog, etc..  I like that.

The holidays are great, but getting back to my routine is nice.  NOW, new years is coming up, I am in need of making some serious changes to my routine, all to help me work towards my goals.  I won’t like it for awhile, but when i get the routine down, I will love it.

What kinds of things are you planning for the new year?  Are you making a list?  Checking it Twice?????  You need to, research shows that writing it down and actually looking at it will increase your chances of success hugely..

Prepare and WIN!!!

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Enjoy the Ride

tgimpage.com enjoyOK, simple and too the point. If you focus too hard on some one thing, you are sure to miss the BIG picture. Yes, I want you to focus on your goals, strive to reach them and set new grander goals, but I definitely don’t want you to miss life in the process.
I wrote a chiropractic blog last week about how people work so hard to save money for retirement, then are too sick or even dead to enjoy it.
I have said this before, we are only here for a brief moment in time, we never know when it ends, so make sure and live each and every day to its fullest. Enjoy the sunshine, the smell of fall, even the smell of a wet dog for that matter. We live in the USA, we enjoy freedoms many people don’t, make sure you indulge in them as often as you can. Run naked (but don’t get caught) through your backyard at night, talk with your neighbors, see movies, go camping, whatever you can to enjoy this life. AND follow your dreams, goals and desires..
Build, Inspire, Live
Linden P

Hope you had a great Valentines Day

valentines day inspireSo I was up early this morning, turned on the news, I never watch the news, its usually all bad stuff. And sure enough, not one mention of anyone having a great Valentines day, at least not yet. People killing others, priests hiring hit men to kill themselves, chemical weapons, tensions in the Gulf, etc. I turned it off.
So where does someone go for good news anyway? If you look at the studies, or hell if you watched GhostBusters 2, you know that negative thoughts can cause negative reactions. Remember GB2? The evil slime was powered by the mean people of New York.. Well its hard to stop, bad news is everywhere in our society, people must like it more than good news by the looks of my local news. Even the traffic lady is smiling when she tells me the roads are back up????
Finding positive and inspiring things will help keep you and your mind focused on your goals. It may not be that hard to find good positive news, its happening everywhere, you just have to look for it. So make sure and remember that bad and negative news, isn’t good for you, try looking for good and positive news.
Build, inspire, live.



OK, this is a tough one, everyone has a different motivating factor. For some its money, some its love, some its happiness, etc.. What motivates people is sometimes facinating. Reading other peoples biographies, you can see no one thing is the key to motivating everyone. Money I think is a big factor, but it shouldn’t be the main motivating factor, I think happiness and fun are much better motivators, but then I am not normal according to the testing done earlier in life:D lol
So what motivates you? If you don’t know, thats like shooting without a target in mind, you can never hit the target if you don’t know where it is. So first you should have a goal in mind, then you need to find out what would motivate you to move towards that goal, next and finally……….”GET OFF YOUR ASS”…. And get doing!!!!
Have a great tuesday. Build, Inspire, Live…..

Thinking outside the box…


Now this is why I always win at tic-tac-toe.  For alot of people, thinking outside the box is hard, for some its a way of life.  It can be a place where creativity grows, ideas come up and life changes. Many people live by societies “norms”, which isn’t a bad thing for the most part, but I think it limits how creative we can be.  Sorry folks, but I believe we were put here to BE creative.  Each of us has certain skills, passions and talents that need to create.  If you spend your life thinking inside the box, you are limiting yourself from being the best possible person you can be.

Whether you are looking for more money, more power, more free time, more fun, if you step outside the box, there are less rules, less stigma’s, less pressure which should allow you to see a new path, new strategy, or even the answer you are seeking.  Sure, people laugh and downplay some of my out of the box thinking, and sometimes they are right, but passion and desire keep me living outside of the margins.

So with your goals for the new year in mind, step outside the box and look for ways to reach those goals.