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You will be knocked down, you HAVE to get back up..

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Yes, its True, I am a Vikings Fan.  Maybe we can get some life lessons out of this though??  LOL

Life is fun, you will get knocked down, dragged through the mud and left sitting in your underwear on a roadside somewhere.  But, you will get back us, find some pants and get yourself back on track right?

It’s part of life, things can’t go your way all the time, there are bumps, craters and mountains in your path.  How are you going to overcome them?

I think the easiest way to deal with obstacles is to have a goal, dream or vision of where you are going.  This will help you refocus and get back up after one of your falls.  Having a dream, goal or vision of your life gives you kinda a road map of where you are going, so when you do get knocked down, you can get up, look over your “map” and get back on track.

It’s not a hard thing to do, have a goal, its pretty easy.  But if you don’t write that goal down, program it into your phone or look at it, you will not have the drive and desire to get that goal.  There are too many books out there on the subject of setting and reaching goals, pick one, read it, do it and have your map handy when you need it.

By Linden Pfeiffer DC

Never Give Up!

never give up

Hey, Happy Thursday…

Never Give Up!!  Thats a great saying, there are many great saying that can go along with it, “When Life Gives You Lemons, When Life Knocks You Down, When the Going Get Tough…..”

But Never Give Up is so straightforward, I like it the best.  So, never give up on what???  Well, to me its Never Give Up on whats important, that could be my goal, my family, my friends….

It doesn’t mean keep trying the same thing until it works, it means finding that special way of doing it that works.  Sure, there will be many things out of your control sometimes, but that doesn’t mean give up.  It means find that special way of doing it that eliminates or reduces the things you can’t control.

This can be an easy process, or like somethings, hard as hell.  But Never Giving Up will leave the hope and desire to get to where you want to be.

By: Linden Pfeiffer

Sometimes a Challenge is needed….


OK, so maybe this challenge is a bit out there, but WOW.

Riding routine is a good way to stay consistent, but challenging oneself will help move you to the next level and beyond.  Challenging yourself, your mind, body and spirit will remind you of your goal and purpose.

Finding the right challenges may not be easy, but pick and choose them based on where you are and where you want to go.  Maybe you want to run a marathon, but you weigh 250 and live on a couch…..Then maybe the first challenge is to GET OFF THE COUCH!!!!  Maybe you need more customers, but are introverted?  First challenge could be to stop in somewhere and market your service to just one person?  Next challenge maybe to talk to 5, then 50??

Doesn’t matter what the challenge is, just that it is taking you in the right direction towards your goals.  Be creative, use your mind, desire and goal to find a good challenge to take you one step closer to your desired goal.

Build, Inspire, Live

By: Linden Pfeiffer

Happy Monday.

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First off, apologies for my being AWOL lately, but summer is here and its way too much fun.

So, lost my mind for a bit, but fear not, school starts next week and my schedule should somewhat stabilize.  Losing ones mind isn’t such a bad thing as long as you know you can get it back.

Spending time away from work, stress and life is good sometimes.  We took a week and went to the Black Hills of SD, let the kids climb around Mt Rushmore and see a Corn Palace, Wall Drug and the works available to the world in SD.

We swam, slid down water slides, played in parks, had fun.  Now, back to reality and life.  So, what do you do to lose your mind?  Hopefully it is a natural way, drugs and alcohol don’t free your mind like it needs.  Find your happy place, create somewhere you can free your mind and let your body relax, could be for 5 minutes, or a week, doesn’t matter.  Just find or create your place….

I will make a more dedicated effort to keep posting fun, inspirational stuff from here on out (at least until next summer arrives).  And believe me, there is plenty.  I could have started today with Miley Cyrus stuff, but maybe another day.

Build, inspire, live

By: Linden Pfeiffer

You Can’t Fix Stupid…


Yes, I have tried, but its nearly impossible.  Look around you, there are so many people doing some many things that aren’t quite normal.  I teach my kids that this is a bad word, we try really hard not to label people.

But come on, its really hard not to call a spade a spade sometimes..  LOL

So what do we do to help these people or better yet, what can we do to help these people help others????  ………    !!!!!!!!     %%%%%%%   …………



I got Nothin….         :)

Really, these people do need help, they need us to figure out how we can get them to help others.  Help them make this a better place to live, exist and thrive.  Maybe they are here to help us see humor??


But seriously people, there are those out there that need our help and guidance, so please have some compassion and don’t duct tape, hit or punch these “special” people, either help them or leave them alone:D

Linden P..

Impossible doesn’t exist.

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Ok, I know I wrote on this before, but I believe nothing to be impossible.  Not time travel, not teleportation, not flying.  The problem is, we just don’t have all the information to do it yet.  Everyday people are looking for those answers, they are gathering information that someday, someone will use to find the solution’s needed.

Things may seem impossible now, but with the right knowledge, the right tools and the right ?????  all the pieces will be in place to do it.  So, our mission is to keep seeking the answers to help those in the future solve the mystery of whats impossible now.

To a smaller scale, what seems hard, practically impossible can be solved if we focus and find the right answers.  Moving forward always should be our goal.  Sometimes baby steps are taken, sometime we make giant leaps, but always moving forward.

My children are a challenge, I am trying to teach them that fear is good, but fear must also be overcome to move forward sometimes.  My boys get that a little more than my daughter, but she is taking her baby steps and TRYING.  Thats all it takes, if the fear is that great, baby steps will help you get there, just might take awhile longer.  Maybe you fear speaking in front of people, baby steps could be talking to 2 people, then 3, then 5, etc…  Maybe you are trying to lose weight, fear maybe just plain failure.  Well baby steps are a great way to start then.   Maybe you don’t use the scale for two week, just baby steps of not snacking after 6pm.  Maybe its just a 5 minute walk each night or noontime.  Baby steps can get you there.

Everything in life is a challenge, full of choices and rewards and consequences.  Yes, we will screw up, fall backwards and scrape our ass, but we have to get up, work through it and find ways to keep moving forward..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

You Can’t Please Everyone….


The saying is true, you can’t please everyone, all the time.  And pleasing others in my opinion is pretending to be someone you are not.

Sure, doing good, being nice and living by the golden rules is great, but you need to be yourself while doing it.  I talk here and there about this, but its important to understand that you can’t pretend to be someone you aren’t, it will eventually backfire.

Being yourself, living your life will bring to you those that truly want to be your friend, they will be happy for you, PLEASED with you so to speak.  Sure you have a job, have to follow rules, but you can still be yourself, not pretend to be someone else.

I try and live my life MY WAY.  Yes, I wear many hats, doctor, father, husband and son, but I am still me, truly me.  I say things, do things that make me happy, not the people around me.  There are 24 hours in the day, if you need to practice being yourself, find some time and act like yourself, practice, find who you truly are and let yourself shine…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Everyone has a secret..


OK, well now you may know mine, but everyone has a secret.  Now, as long as its not a secret that hurts others, with the exception of Batman of course…

So, years ago, someone told me that you can’t be TWO different people, you are only one, and pretending to be someone else won’t work for long.  I know this to be true, and hopefully you all can take some of this and realize that you can only be ONE true person.  And thats who you should be.

Sure I wear different hats, father, husband, doctor, son, etc.  But I try and stay true to who I really am.  I can’t wear fancy clothes, I can’t act mature, I can’t not smile or laugh.  I am me, through and through.  Sure, I can wear dress clothes for a short stint, wedding or funeral, thats respect, not changing who I am…  What I am talking about is playing one role with some people and another with others.  You need to be yourself.  Who ever that is.

Now, the question is WHO ARE YOU??  Really, who are you?  Depends on your age, but most of you reading this have already played so many roles, you probably lost track of the real you awhile back.  This starts when we are kids, remember back, you probably were two different people depending on whether your parents were in view or not…

So, take some time, go through those roles you have played, find the things that make you happy and start figuring out who you truly are.  Life will be much more fun when you play it out as your TRUE self.  Trust me…

Linden P

Put on your Grandma Panties and DO IT!!


What are you waiting for?  There is rarely ever the perfect time to do anything.  What you need to do is step up and get it done.

Thats all……

Linden P

Grumpy Cat knows all.



This cat is hilarious, but why?  Well he seems to relate to so many people out there.  Yes, too many people out there are grumpy to say the least.

Why?  Because its monday?  Not likely, everyone loves mondays right?  Well why are so many people grumpy?

I believe many are grumpy because they don’t have a dream to chase.  They haven’t set goals or have ideas of where to go.  Its not the end of the world, there are so many places that can help you develop and reach your goals, its just that many people don’t use them.

So, here I sit, writing this blog, looking around I can see those elusive happy people, but I also see so many others that just seem plain grumpy.  I can’t talk to each of them and let them know they are special, I can help a few of them understand that life should be full of joy and happiness, not glum and gloom though.

Will that help?  I don’t know, I do know that some people will find the desire and drive to set goals and reach dreams, others just won’t.  Its sad but true.  You can lead a person to the well, but some won’t drink unless a glass of water is given to them.

My goal in writing this today is that maybe some of you reading it will step up and let others you see know that they are special, they have the right to set goals and reach their dreams.  You can do your part, and its up to them to take the action needed to get on the path to a happier and fuller life.

Linden P.