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Never Give Up… give upOk, crying and whining won’t get you want as an adult, if you think it will, you are in need of some THERAPY NOW!!!

But everyday, I hear people whining because they didn’t get what they wanted.  Really, if they truly wanted it, they wouldn’t give up on it so easily right?  You need to find out what you want, what you truly want and set the plan in motion, sure you will get distracted, get upset, have set backs and god knows what else, but you can’t give up.  Ever….  if its your dream, don’t let anything get in your way.

Now remember, hurting, cheating and not helping others will not get you your dream, only misery in the end.  You need to be able to sleep at night with a clear mind, you need to help others reach their dreams too.

So, stop whining, stop crying, set straight, figure out what you want, how to start going about getting it and then Never Quit!!!

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Everything Happens for a Reason… catI truly believe that, sure many things are random, but its how we react to them that is what I am talking about.  The phrase “Something better will come of this” is true if we take the right approach to things.

Looking at life in a different perspective can make living happier, healthier and more enjoyable.  If you know me, I am not one to worry too much about things, I know that I will have choices to make, things to do and paths to explore, but if I just stay, worry and ponder what happened, I may miss everything.

Sure, the death of a loved one hurts, but sorry to tell you this, everyone dies.  That is part of the game.  So if you are wasting time worrying about stuff, you are missing out.  People die at every age, from any number of things…It happens.  Sure you can reduce your risk, maybe selling drugs for the Cartel isn’t a great choice for a long life, or robbing banks, texting while driving, etc..  We can make good decisions and we will still eventually end up dead.

Don’t take life so seriously, it is meant to be enjoyed, savored and lived..  Worry, stress and other things take away from that.  If you have something to worry about, why not get up and figure out how to fix it, so its not a worry anymore??? Duh!!!  Sounds simple, I know, but may it is, try looking at life from a different angle, maybe that will help.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P.

Taking Control controlHey, Happy Tuesday Everyone.  Control is something I like, you should like and everyone should like, right?  LOL

Well taking control is a good thing when you are prepared to lead, direct and accomplish what needs to be done.  Control also has a bit of responsibility attached to it though, so one should be careful and calculated with it.

So what is taking control all about?  Well that will depend on what you are trying to control, if its your children, well, thaas a whole nother discussion.  But maybe for this article, lets say you are taking control of your life..

Your Life!!!!!  What can you control about it?  Well you can control how you act, how you respond to stuff, how you live, and pretty much how you exist.  Sure there are things you can’t control, accidents, job loss, death, etc…  But there are so many things you can actually control that it should be fun.

So look at the things in your life you can take control of, hell make a list.  Look at this list, work through what areas you aren’t in control and find ways to take back control and improve what needs improving.  Maybe you need more money, taking control of that idea, seek out a better paying job in the company you are in, or find a fun “other” job to supplement your income.  If you aren’t in a perfect relationship (who is?), take control and try and make it more of what you want, maybe be more spontaneous, more romantic, more lovable?  Try talking out what you want with your partner.  TAKE CONTROL.  That doesn’t mean physical or mental abuse, taking control should mean the best possible outcomes for all involved.

So, make your list, look at all the things you can actually have control over, get excited and TAKE CONTROL…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Today is My Favorite Day. poohYeah, its Monday again.  But its the beginning of Thanksgiving week, so everyone should be happy.

Also, if you follow my blog, I challenge you last week, to achieve a goal by today.  How did you do?  the only right answer is GREAT!!!!  It was a simple request, do a simple goal by today, meet soemone new, try something new, more money, etc..  I don’t know what goal you set, but you should have completed it.  If not, don’t tell me why, just spend the rest of the day finishing it.  NO EXCUSES…

I have another one for you today too, its thanksgiving week, so lets make it a point to be thankful for most things we have, and see and do.  Maybe just thank a policeman (woman), fireman, the post man, your coffee server, maybe you need to call your sister, dad or mom and thank them?  Teachers, doctors, hell even lawyers can be thanked (LOL).  Its thanksgiving week, how special would someone you hardly know thanked you for being you???

It should be done all the time, but lets start this week with something new and fun, be thankful, for everything…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

I Challenge All of You.. monday will returnOk, you know Monday is coming back around, it always does. So lets try something new, lets set a goal for next Monday…

Maybe its a simple goal, maybe its something bigger.  But lets set a goal for ourselves for this coming monday morning.  Maybe its lose 1 lbs, maybe its run another mile, maybe its just call someone you haven’t talked to in way too long.

With Thanksgiving next week already, and the year almost over, its time to get busy.  Its not that hard to set a goal, sometimes its hard to focus and finish that goal.  You set it today, you have almost 4 full days to get it done. There are friends out there of mine I would love to hear from, I could lose a pound or two too, but my goal will be mine, you don’t need to know what it is, just that I will get it by monday morning.

So sit down, set a goal, move towards making that happen now….

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P.

Sometimes SH$T HAPPENS!!! wait for it...Hey, things happen all the time.  You can predict them, you have to just let them happen and deal with cleaning up the ugly, smelly mess..LOL

Ok, so some messes are uglier than others…

You have your dreams, chances are sometime, somewhere, somethings going to happen to take you off your path.  What do you do??

If you are 20 or so, you MUST know that sometimes things  happen that we don’t want.  If you don’t know that by 20, you might be a slow learner….  I think life is fun BECAUSE of the challenges, not inspire of them.  Sure, cleaning up the mess caused by that picture would not be on top of my list, but I would get it done, laugh about it and then get back on track to where I was going.

We have dreams, goals and a life we want, we can’t let ANYTHING stop us from getting there.  Sure we will have to take a detour here and there, but if its a real, true and passionate dream, we will eventually find our way back on track.

So, lets not let the things that happen to us change where we are trying to get to, lets take each challenge and find the answer, laugh about it and get back to doing our dreams…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Dream HUGE!!! foundationsHaving a dream and working towards it really doesn’t come with a rule book.  I like this idea of building your dreams first, then constructing the foundation to support it.

If you are anything like me, imagination is my biggest asset, I can dream HUGE for the most part on anything.  Now, if I just take the time to build a foundation under that dream, it has a great chance of being real.

So what is your dream?  Come on, not just winning the lottery, that is a wish not a real dream.  Do you want a happy marriage?  More money?  Better job??  What?

Make that list, pick the one you want most and build that dream.  Then sit back, read over it, think about it and imagine it being done.  Now, work backwards and list out what needs to happen, be created or worked at and start building it.

Sounds simple, and on paper it is, but really, all it takes is focus, drive and work.  Get busy making a better life, a better place for all of us..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Yeah, Its Monday Again:D monday3Its monday morning and we got our first snowfall of the year here in MN.  Joyous, happy times:D  Right??  Right???  Come on people, its beautiful outside, snow dusting the roads, car’s driving way too slow, some stopped traffic, a few accidents, its the first day of our long and fun winter….

And its Monday!!!!!  LOL  Ok, I know most people don’t like the snow or mondays, but they happen all the time.

This weekend I was doing my normal people watching (NO, Its not staling, LOL), I like to see how people react to situations that come up.  For me, when something happens, good or bad, celebrate, then move on.  What I see most people do is drag on the event, stress and worry over it, make it so much bigger than it really is.  Why??

At the casino, btw that is one fun place to people watch, way better than walmart…..  But at the casino, there are 1000’s of games, sometimes one is out of order, people stop, read the out of order sign, ponder what to do and then grab the nearest employee and see if they can turn the machine on..  Really, with 1000’s of other working machines, they spend time on one that is out of order.  Or people that touch the machines or talk to them????  Really, am I to think that this person can talk to a machine and it will listen???Or driving in traffic is fun too, why would someone really truly get mad sitting in traffic??  Really, think about it, what good can come out of you getting mad that traffic has stopped?  Is you getting upset at someone next to you gonna really change who that person is?  Is traffic magically going to movenow because you are pissed off?

So, this week, lets not waste our precious time on getting upset, overreacting, stressing or worrying about things that we can control or change.  Lets instead focus our energies on what we can control and change to make ourselves better.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P


Never Give Up!!! never quitWhy start something and give it up?  What was your purpose for starting it to begin with?

Everything this worth while is tough to get and keep, money, love, happiness, etc..

But, if you want something, truly want it, you will need determination, perseverence, work and faith in what you believe you want.  And, yes, there will be obstacles and hurdles to get over, but if you truly want it, you will get it.

I was always baffled by sports announcers who ask the question “How did you ever win that game?”  I am a sports guy, played, coached and trained hard for sports, and never, ever in my career did I go out to wrestle, play football, rugby, baseball or any sport thinking I couldn’t win????  How I won was I tried my hardest, used the skills I had learned and gave it my all, I wanted to win…..

Life is the same way, if you don’t have the skills, learn them, if you don’t have the drive, find it, if you need help, get it…..It’s not that hard, just plan, prepare and execute.  Sure, you will fail here and there, but you will never stop reaching for that goal until you get there.  Then you set another goal and start over….

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

I vetoed today. I mean Voted… voteGeez, did you ever notice how close those two words are to each other??  Get out and Vote today.  you can’t really do it tomorrow….

So, we live in the USA, we get to VOTE for our pack leader, how cool is that.  Voting is actually fun, but it does require some level of research to do it correctly.  And correctly would be to vote for…………………. LOL

If you know me or my blog at all, you will know I don’t do political, we all have our own reasons for voting the way we do, at least I hope we do.  You don’t pick a candidate by how attractive they look, how much money they have do you???  Everyone of us has different wants, needs and desires, different income, family status, etc…  So we each should vote for who we think will help us most right?

Sure, that makes sense.  So, what else can we vote on today to help us grow, thrive and prosper?  What about voting to make a difference locally?  Vote to help others get to where they want to ..  Vote to do something new and different today?  Maybe Vote to stop spending so much time on facebook and other social sites?  This would be a sure vote, its one vote, thats it…

So today maybe vote again on something that will help you get to where you want to go, vote for YOU !!!!

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P