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Prayers for Hastings, MN. dadThis week in Hastings, MN the 3rd teenager has passed away. The dynamics of what happened isn’t important, what is important is praying for understanding and healing in this tragic time.

Todays post was about being a great dad and having children that really appreciate that.  True, my children are young, not to the rebellious teens we hear about all the time.  But being a great dad is important to me.  Sure, i don’t have all the right answers, but I am trying really hard to instill the basic values I deem important for them.

1.  Every action has a consequence, whether good or bad.

2.  Family comes first.

3. Treat others as you want to be treated.

4. Don’t judge people until you have walked 100 miles in their shoes.

5.  Respect all living things.

I know this generation and the ones to come will have a different lifestyle, single parents, dual parents, dual living places, etc..  I just hope that there is ONE parental unit that plays dad.  The world isn’t always a nice place, things happen to good and bad people all the time, thats part of life.  How we react to those things is what defines us, what drives us and what guides us.

I am not sure some things can be taught, some things have to be lived through to be fully understood.  A parents job should be to help their children walk (or run) though this process and guide them to the right ending.  Life my friends, is always worth living, we aren’t given more than we can handle, ever……  We sometimes just need to be reminded of how special and great we really are.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragic course of events the .week.  I hope the help is there to guide those people affected.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P.

Limits are a funny thing…. limitsBut, trust me on this, you never know them till you push yourself to them.  Take bones for example, I have broken my share of bones in my life, they are really, really strong and actually sometimes very flexible.  But, push them to the limit and a hair beyond, SNAP!!!

But what about other limits, ones we set for ourselves…The ones we should push past and see what happens..  Now, I have been an athlete most of my life, wrestling, track, football, baseball, Rugby and more.  I have also spent my share of time in the gym, lifting weights.  In the weight room, there are no limits except the ones we set for ourselves, that is how life should be too.  If you say you can’t bench 400lbs, you are almost certainly right.  But if you say, I WANT to lift 400lbs, you may get there with lots of practice and action.

Limits that we can control, the ones we set for ourselves or place on ourselves are the ones we need to look at here.  Limits can also be excuses, reasons we don’t try harder, think more and take action.  Limits can also be physical, but again, those can be pushed with the help of creative thinking and technology.

My point is, many limits are just reasons, not hard cold facts, if you set back and creatively work through the limits you think are set, I bet you can find several ways to push those limits and safely reach a new goal level and beyond..

So, remember, some limits are there (bones do break, gravity does exist, we do need sleep and water and food), but most limits we have or think we have are not solid, they are flexible and with creative work, you can push past them and grow…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

What are You Waiting for??? waitingOK, the past two days, way too many times it came up that people were “waiting for the right time, waiting for it to just happen, waiting for …..”

Listen, I read the Secret, I know the Law of Attraction, I understand there is a universal energy that can help us out.  BUT……..Could things come to those who wait isn’t correct at all.  I believe good things come to those who want them and get off their asses to go get them.  You see, wishing, praying, desiring are all good things to do, but you still need to take action…

Sitting on a couch, wishing to win the lottery, won’t help if you didn’t buy a ticket.  Wishing for success without actually training yourself to be successful won’t work either.  Wanting someone to fall in love with you won’t happen unless you actually present your real self to them.

Action and desire combined can create so much for everyone that our needs would be minimal if we could acxtually do it.  Trump, Gates, The facebook dude, all had a desire or vision AND took action to make it real.  If Gates would have just sat on his couch wishing for a computer in every home, it would have not happened at his hand I know.  He got busy, took action and created what he saw as the future.

Its thursday morning, I saw this picture last night and it brang back memories of my youth, god I wanted a hoverboard and time travel.  I actually believedby 2000 we would have those too.  But they weren’t really a passion of mine and I never took action to make them happen.  I do hope someone somewhere is working on it for me though.  How cool would time travel be, really…..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

The Two Most Important Days ….. twainSo being born is pretty important, but the biggest day of your life should be the day you find our passion. Yes, your wedding day, the birth of your children are also very special days, but….

We are here to create, if you read this blog at all you will know I believe we are here to create, whether its physical things, emotional things or other, we are here to be creative.  In order to be creative we have to have passion, to be great at creating, we need purpose too.  So what is your purpose?

True, some people haven’t found their calling yet, I can’t tell you how to find it, but I can help you discover what and where you can go.  A friend of mine, he studies with Shaolin and Tao stuff, told me once that the secret was to find out what you love, then find a way to make money at it.  Well that sounds simple huh?

So what do you love?  building things? kids? learning? singing? art? Whatever it is that you love, you need to do it.  That is creating….  Now, to be truly happy, getting paid to do it would be ideal.  Maybe you don’t make enough money to support your family doing it, but you would be doing it, creating right?  If you need to find a “normal” job to support yourself and family thats fine too.  There aren’t many of us that can do what we love and make lots of money, but there are lots of people that have done it and are doing it right now.  So, logic says that WE can do that too.

So, find out what you love and then lets find ways to make what we love our means of living.  If you love to paint, I know someone somewhere would love to buy your painting, if you like to make people laugh, make a CD that you can sell, if you like to build, do it and build something someone could use and I bet they would buy it.

With the internet our world is much smaller in terms of reaching others, so excuses are fewer too.  Maybe you don’t make much money, but you are creating and doing what you love, so you can’t lose….

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P.

Yeah, It’s Monday Again!!!! mondayHappy Monday Everyone.  Hope the weekend wore you out with fun, happiness and play.  Mine entailed my mother -in-law, sister-in-law, niece, my folks and a bunch of 8-9yo boys for my son’s B-day party on saturday.  Sunday was of course watching a HUGE Vikings Win and getting all the millions of leaves in my yard gone.

So, its monday morning, I am not feeling the greatest yet, but its coming. I skipped the gym, opted for coffee and quiet time here to get my week started right.  What are you doing this week to build,inspire and live?

This blog is my way of showing others how much fun life can actually be when you stop taking it so seriously.  Really, mondays aren’t EVIL, not a one.

I love mondays because its the start of a new week, a new adventure, a new journey.  Sure I am still on adventures from last week and the week before, but another new one or two will pop up this week too.  If you aren’t into mondays, make Tuesday your day to start, it doesn’t matter what day, just make a start at a different view on life and start living it.

This week I wonder what exciting things will happen, my son lost his tooth (swallowed it actually) on sunday morning, maybe I will lose a toot too???  LOL

Its late October in MN and yesterday was in the 70’s, can’t beat it.  Motorcycle rides through the valley looking at leaves falling, eagles nesting, etc…

Come on and make some new memories this week, enjoy life and be happy k?

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P


Life Has Many Questions….. chickenI am just glad to have this one answered.  You do not know how many nights I spend back in college trying to figure out how they got that little white “M” on all the different shaped peanut M&M’s, some of my old friends might though.

So if you are waiting for or searching for answers to questions, you are may be just plain wasting time.  You see, I have found at least, that waiting is not very productive, if you have questions, go seeking the answers.  Waiting is not my strong suit, in fact, its probably one of my worst traits.  I dread waiting, my office doesn’t have a waiting room, I can’t sit still, unless I have a drink and thats a whole different story.

What questions do you have that take up too much of your time?  Now, you should know by now that worrying and stressing over something aren’t options for me and shouldn’t be for you.   They don’t do ANYTHING to help you, sure, you can worry, but you can’t change the outcome by worrying, you need to react or forget.  If you are questioning things you can’t control, When will the world end?  Will my child be a success?  Can I win the lottery?  Etc..  You see, those questions may have answers, but thinking, searching or waiting for answers to them doesn’t create anything positive.  Sure, you can imagine what you would do if you won the lottery, hell, I do it all the time.  Help my friends out, start a non-profit, enjoy more vacations, etc.  But that is 5 minutes out of my life a couple times a week at most.

I see people all the time who search for impossible answers, worry about the unknown and have fear of life.  Listen, we will all die, sorry thats a fact (unless you cryogenically freeze yourself till they master immortality), we can vote, stand up for what we believe and protect ourselves, but we can’t control or answer each situation we encounter.

You need to live life, enjoy and be happy, question what we can, even question what we can’t, but don’t wait, worry or concern ourselves with the questions we can’t control.  Maybe the answers will come to us when we least expect it.

Heck, now I know it was the chicken……..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Thinking (Living) Above The Line… above the lineI talk sometimes about living outside the box, stepping outside your comfort zone and being creative.  Bob Beaudine is a facebook friend of mine, I loved his book “The Power of Who” (Check it out if you like reading help books).  He posted this today and I wanted to repost it here for all of you.

Living or thinking above the line is essential to leading a happy and fun life.  There isn’t much to say about it, its pretty clear cut I think.

For me, judgement is still the toughest one, I try really hard daily to not judge people based on first appearance, etc.. I know everyone is special and loved, but our whole lives have been about judging others I think.  This is a hard habit to break, I will keep working on myself and I hope after you look over this chart, you will see somethings you can change to think more above the line.

Love ya all,

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Happy Monday Morning.. americaOK, not sure this isn’t just plain laziness, but it is creative.  We live in the USA, we have and enjoy freedoms that many other people don’t, if you want to mow your lawn from your 4 wheeler, do it.  If you want to run naked around your block at 5am in October, do it (just don’t get caught, thats not really a freedom we are allowed).

If you want to start and run your own business, do it, if you want to date someone with 3 eyes, kiss a donkey, build a rocket, or gamble on sundays just check your local laws and do it.

So what is today about? Today is about the start of the week, the beginning of a new adventure, the possibiliites are endless.  What will you do this week that you haven’t done last week?  What NEEDS to be done this week?  What???

Its Monday, make sure this week you find something new, try something different, step out of your comfort zone, even if its just an inch or so, make that effort.  Make Change…..  You are missing all kinds of things because you are content, afraid or too lazy to start the process.  Maybe you want to meet someone new, maybe find a new job, try a new food, learn a new word, whatever, you need to make a conscious effort to do it.  This week is the perfect week, remember there will never be a perfect time, so make this week the perfect week to START something new, different or better.

Come on everyone, Begin…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

The words that have hurt me the most so far… “GROW UP!!!” growupBelieve me, if you have met me you probably understand, but when people have said this to me, it HURTS!…  I won’t grow up, EVER!!!

I will grow, evolve and learn, I will get older, lose more hair on my head, grow more hair on other body parts, I will have bad knees and feet, but I will not seriously grow up.  Life is way too much fun…

So do you take life seriously?  Do you worry, stress and think the worst?  We are only here for a speck in time, if you aren’t spending that time living life to its fullest, you aren’t getting it right.  Spending time worrying or stressing is WASTING a lot of happy time here.  If you haven’t been told you are immature, or need to grow up, you may need to step further outside your comfort box and live life.

Granted, I am a father, a husband and have tested my limits with my folks, my kids and wife.  I know where the line is and don’t cross it very often, but I do spend most of my days happy, energized and having fun.  DO YOU?

Remember, you can’t take anything with you when you are done here, so make sure to enjoy EVERYTHING you can while you are here.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Everyone is Creative.. sharkThis is proof, I will so buy one of these.  All it took was someone thinking of this and WHAM, it was made real.  LOL

I write a lot about creative thinking and doing, that doesn’t always mean physical things like this kid eating shark sleeping bag.  Sometimes we can create happiness, joy and pride in others.  Inspiration, motivation and determination can also be created by us for others.

Being creative doesn’t have to mean you have to be able to engineer a new product, it just means you are creating things, anything…..

So make sure you are being creative, its important to grow and build and inspire others as well as yourself.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P