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Life Can Be So Much More Fun in My Head. lifeDo you have an imagination that runs wild? I honestly don’t know how to turn it off..

Its not a bad thing for the most part, I love being able to imagine just about everything, but sometimes we can get carried away in a fantasy.  Thats OK sometimes, but real life is where we have to live.

So do you have a runaway imagination?  Do you drive to work worried about life, work, family, etc?  Or do you dream you are flying through the clouds, searching for a 4 headed dragon named Carl? (I will find him one day, bet on it!)  Do you stay an extra few minutes in the shower because you haven’t quite found the royal crown, or do you worry about money, love, etc?  Maybe you lay down at night and dream you are swimming in the ocean bottom searching for Atlantis?

You kinda get where I am going I hope, spending time worrying doesn’t do anything productive, only destructive.  When we worry, chemicals are released in our body that have negative effects on our health.  Plus, worrying doesn’t solve anything, not one answer, solution or creative thing comes from worrying, only when we stop worrying and start looking does the answer come.

Now maybe I was wired wrong as I was created, but my imagination keeps the stress and worry to a minimum, lets me focus on solving problems and finding solutions.  OK, there are the flying monkeys that stress me abit, but other than those, life is good.

So, be creative, worry less and solve problems before or when they arise, enjoy…

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Linden P

Enjoy the Ride enjoyOK, simple and too the point. If you focus too hard on some one thing, you are sure to miss the BIG picture. Yes, I want you to focus on your goals, strive to reach them and set new grander goals, but I definitely don’t want you to miss life in the process.
I wrote a chiropractic blog last week about how people work so hard to save money for retirement, then are too sick or even dead to enjoy it.
I have said this before, we are only here for a brief moment in time, we never know when it ends, so make sure and live each and every day to its fullest. Enjoy the sunshine, the smell of fall, even the smell of a wet dog for that matter. We live in the USA, we enjoy freedoms many people don’t, make sure you indulge in them as often as you can. Run naked (but don’t get caught) through your backyard at night, talk with your neighbors, see movies, go camping, whatever you can to enjoy this life. AND follow your dreams, goals and desires..
Build, Inspire, Live
Linden P

Love your JOB!! sumoSometimes you may think your job sucks, well…….

Nuff Said I think…

So, do you have a job you hate?  Why are you still there then?  What can you do to help yourself get to where you want to be?  More school? More time? More money?  Those are excuses we use to protect ourselves and keep us where we are.

School, today its simple, there are night classes, online classes, weekend classes, sure it may take you a year or two but in the end you would be somewhere else and hopefully HAPPIER…  More time, well I don’t like this one at all, I find time to work out (early mornings), work, market, study, play with my family and wife too.  There are 24 hours here to work with, sure you may lose alittle sleep, but not much, think about your day, do you watch TV?  Do you take a nap?  Do you play online?  That is all time you could make different use of.  If you sleep more than 8 hours, you are wasting more time I believe too.  Money, sure that is a hard one, but if you truly want something different, spending alittle to be happier is a no brainer..  Do you drink  coffeeshop coffee?  Maybe make your own, that would save you $30-50 a month, do you have Cable TV?  With web based stuff, you can pretty much use interenet to watch TV, save yourself another $100 a month of so.  How about eating out?  That could save some people $300 a month or more if they just packed a lunch.

If you aren’t happy where you are, find a way to fix it.  Find out what you love to do, they go find away to make money at it……

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Linden P

TGIF… hows that?? ahhaHappy Friday people.  Its a cloudy misty fall day here, but the day has created some incredible things already.  Yeah, it was an exciting week, lots of drama, adventure and fun, couldn’t ask for more.

But last night around 1am, I was struck with inspiration and finally decided on my first book.  It came to me just as I was falling off to sleep, amazing how things come to be huh?  So another exciting moment in my life.  Sure I have had ideas for books before, even drew up an outline for one or two of them, but they never had me driven enough to finish them up.  I feel deep inside that this one will make it to print (electronic at least).

When does inspiration hit you most?  For me, being I sometimes don’t sleep for 40+ hours at a time, it is usually when I am most tired.  And for that reason the idea or thought gets lost quickly because I don’t WRITE  IT DOWN.  HEck with phones and apps now, it should be easy to record thoughts instantly, but for some reason I never do.  Do you?

How many great ideas, creations and art works have been lost to not following up?  I bet millions..  So we are all creative beings, we all have the ability to create anything in our minds eye, lets start keeping track of those ideas, imagines, etc..  If we don’t take them to creation, maybe someone else will.

Have a great weekend, enjoy and I will be back MONDAY morning for you:D

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Linden P.

It’s feeling like Fall… pumpkinOK, windshield needed a little scraping this morning, thats usually a good sign that fall is here.  But its Sept 18th……….

Happy Fall.  Maybe its a good time to look at your goal list for the year and see who far along you are?  Now you should be looking at it all the time but we are human and I know that we can get easily distracted , well I can anyway.

So its the start of the 4th quarter of this trip around the sun, each quarter is a good time to evaluate and adjust goals that need to be accomplished.  Maybe you set a weight goal for the year, maybe it was a money goal, whatever it is, LOOK at it and see where you are.  Maybe you blew that goal away by June, maybe you are lagging behind on it.  You won’t know if you don’t LOOK.  Where did you put your goal list?  Have you seen it since you wrote it?

Remember way back when, I told you about a free app for android phones called Habit Streak, its a great program for keeping you focused on your goals, if you use Apple, I am sure they have a similar app.  But everyday this little program puts up a notification on your phone, you open it and it asks you questions on your goals from the previous day.  Sure, you have to put your goals in, and you have to create the questions that you want answered, but once its set, you are golden.  Go find it or something like it to use if you get easily distracted by shiny things, noises, people or your own thoughts.. It will help keep you focused

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Linden P


Happy Monday… mondayOK, I had myself a very long weekend.  Kinda in the middle of a move for the next two week so we will see where this ends.  Spend quite a few hours loading and unloading trailers, found out at 42yo, that I maybe shouldn’t be lifting fridges on and off trailers by myself.  LOL

We got ourselves out of the old house, stored stuff where we could and will start moving into our new place hopefully next week if not the 1st of Oct.

But today, its Monday morning, my back is still strong, feet don’t hurt near as much and I am ready for the day.  So what till this week bring us?  Are you excited for a whole new set of adventures???  I am, you can bet your horse on that one.

Lets make this week a fun, educational and extraordinary….  Find out something new about yourself and your path.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Help Yourself…. helpyourselfObstacles are everywhere in life.  Most you don’t even think about, maybe its a person walking too slow in front of you, cars not moving fast enough etc..  This post is obviously not about those, but rather the ones we tend to see as too BIG to manage.

Obstacles are there to make us think, make us use our creative selves to discover just how far we are willing to go.  They are a great thing in life….True some obstacles may seem too daunting, too challenging, even impossible ( and you know I don’t like that word), but every obstacle can be overcome with patience, creative thinking, and determination.

We see it all the time, small guys playing in the NFL, high school drop-outs creating fortunes, limbless people winning olympic medals, etc..  EVERY OBSTACLE can be overcome with the right mindset and tools.

So, don’t let obstacles stop you on your quest for happiness, sure they may slow you down a bit, but  for me, thats what builds my passion and my character into who I am now and will be in the future…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Are you different? differentHey, I may not be in this caliber or successful people, but I may end up there someday:)  I AM DIFFERENT!!!  So are you BTW :)

Being different is not a curse, its a blessing people.  If you feel different inside, be proud if that, own it and let it shine.  This pertains to sexuality, spirituality, hell, live in general.    Keeping things inside can be harmful to you, being different is not a bad thing.

Yesterday was 9/11.  I wrote about how I love the USA and its freedoms, now, today lets make sure you enjoy those.  You are protected by the constitution  on many of these issues, and if given enough time, all of them:D  Being afraid to be who you really are is not a happy way to live.  Let yourself out, be happy with who you are and for god sake enjoy being different.  Maybe you have a 3rd eye (now that would be cool), maybe you were born with autism, missing limbs, etc..  That doesn’t make you any less of a human being, be yourself, overcome what needs to be overcome and get happy with yourself.

Happy Weds, I hope you are happy to be different and make today a great day.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

“Never Forget” 911I remember this day 11 years ago like it was yesterday.  We lived in an apartment in Eden Prairie, no kids, just me and my new bride.

Now, first off, I am a huge fan of America, love our freedoms and the idea of our country.  I never served in the military, I tried, but had tore my shoulder wrestling and didn’t get through the physical.  I am sad and glad about that.  I learned a word when I was like 7yrs old, insubordination, big word for a little kid.  That word has followed me my whole life.  I am not sure I would have been a good soldier because of my need to know the “whole” story or reason for doing things.  Oh, and plus I am pretty stubborn too:)  I am not sure if they would have broke me or killed me trying.

So  anyway, thanks to our military, police, fire and everyone who stepped up to help on this day 11 years ago.  This country is ours, its freedoms are ours to enjoy everyday because we are who we are.  If we hadn’t stood up for ourselves so many years ago, we THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wouldnt even exist.  Sometimes fighting is needed (although don’t tell my children that just yet), sometimes helping others who can quite help themselves is necessary, sometimes providing help to people in need is necessary….So I love this country…

Today my heart is heavy, I didn’t lose anyone directly because of 9/11 but it has affected everyone here in the USA.  Simple things that used to be easy became harder, even going to canada requires a passport now.  Bear in mind, i grew up in ND and crossing into canada to fish, snowmobile or just have fun was easy before 9/11.  I can’t imagine what today means to those in NY who witnessed this horrific scene.

Now, again, my need to know why always creeps in, why would terrorists want to destroy what we have?  I am sure there are all kinds of theories and explainations, but I try really hard not to judge people on race, color, religion, etc…  I am sorry, but with so many different religions, even christian based ones, only one of them can be right???  Our freedoms, our culture are ours, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, not the views of Mexicans, Somolians, Islamic or anyone else.  Its not our job to PUSH our beliefs on others and they should respect that and do the same.

I write a lot about being happy and living life to its fullest, you can’t do that if you think you are better then others, smarter than others, etc..  You have to be the best you, that you can be, period.  Helping others, no matter who they are should be at the top of your list of things that make you happy, OK, I know, thats my opinion, no everyone elses.  But hurt, hate and disrespect have no place in happiness.  Do they??

I took some time this morning, reminding myself that America is a great country, our country and we enjoy many freedoms.   I hope you did too.

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Linden P-

OK, So sometimes we just need a laugh.. quackHey, I hope you are having a great monday morning so far.  I have been writing about many things the past few months, and although I never forget to have fun, maybe its my turn to give some fun.

Being focused on ones goals, life and other things, sometimes we forget to enjoy it.   I dont’ think thats a problem I have, seems I wear people out when they just want to be sad, mad or angry.  Laughing a lot is part of my life, can’t live without it.  And no, it doesn’t bother me that I sometimes annoy people with it either.

So have a look at my pic, laugh, share it with friends, and just enjoy.  I will try and remember to make you laugh more too k?

Happy Monday,

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P