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Dream Big of Go Home….

titleMy blog is here to help you find your dreams and then work towards achieving them. If you have read some of this blog, you know I am not a fan of excuses. “Nothing is Impossible” and I truly believe that. Sure, maybe we don’t have the materials yet to make some things possible, flying cars, jet packs, laser guns, teleportation gizmos, etc. But I believe that nothing is impossible, we just haven’t figured out how to do it yet..

And if we don’t have dreams and work towards them, then for the most part, things like the above will never come to be. See, what we accomplish now may seem small to you, but others will take that and build on it, then others will take whats there and build on that, see where I am going here??
It takes dreams to make things happen, but it also takes action. Sure, things might not work out the first, second or even the third time, but you always should be moving toward your dreams.
So whats your dream? Come on, don’t be shy, what is your dream??? It can be a silly dream, maybe creating a real web shooter like spidey has, or maybe its just to retire to the beach. WHATS YOUR DREAM???
You can have as many dreams as you want, but you will need to take action to make those dreams come true. Sometimes BIG action is needed, sometimes its maybe just changing a habit to change your direction.
So, if you haven’t thought about your dreams, find some time, sit and start making plans to change the world forever with your dreams.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

My Wish……

titleMy Wish is……..
Believe it or not, my wish is .
1. You have someone to love.
2. You are happy.
3. You are safe.
4. You have courage and strength.
5. You have a dream…..

My wish for everyone is ultimately HAPPINESS. I know sometimes it seems the world is against you, but you haven’t given up yet, so never give up.

I hope everyone knows they are loved, if you have to resort to it, GOD and your parents love you like no other.  But there are friends even casual relationships produce a love for someone.  Rest assured, you ARE loved.

Now, Happy is a different one.  You need to be happy, we weren’t put here to be miserable.  If you don’t have a lot, be happy you have some….If you don’t like your weight, change it……If you aren’t happy at work, find work that makes you happy….  PERIOD!!!!

Everyone deserves and has the right to be SAFE.  If you aren’t safe, change that… I know abuse exists, both physical and emotional and it sucks..  So don’t stand for it, find the help you need and get out of that situation.  Everyone deserves and has the right to be SAFE!!!!!

Courage and Strength, well these too are in all of us to one degree or another.  You have them, find them and use them when the time is right.  Courage may be as simple as standing up for someone else who hasn’t found their courage yet, or maybe its to get out of an unsafe relationship, only you will know when the time is right, but you MUST use these two forces to help yourself when others won’t.

And everyone needs to have a dream.  DO YOUR DREAMS was the fridge magnet my mother gave me years ago.  It’s true.  I have been doing my dreams ever since, whether it was motorcycling acrossed the US, becoming a doctor, helping kids, seeing some of the world, skiing, hiking, etc..  Find your dreams and embrace them, find ways to make the real and then dream up some more….

I know this may have ended up more of a lecture, but this is my wish for everyone, HAPPINESS!!!

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

You are Beautiful:D

titleHey, sometimes we need to be reminded we are special. For me, its people telling me to shut up, grow up or stop. But thats me and I am definitely “Special”.
How about you? You know you are beautiful, special and loved right?

If not, maybe you should copy and print this poster and hang it on your mirror at home. So every morning when you wake up, you can read it:) I realize that not everyone has children or a spouse, but EVERYONE is loved by someone and they are special to them even if they don’t know it themselves.
So maybe a little reminder now and again is needed so we all remember how special and important we really are.
Thats it, remember………

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

How Big Are Mondays?

titleOK, monday is not physically any bigger than any other day of the week. but Monday can make or break your week I bet.
If you follow my blog, you know I love mondays, they are the start of the week, full of potential, opportunity and surprises. I like that, some people don’t I guess…
So, how can we make Mondays seem like not a big deal to some people?  This poster makes me laugh, but I know people who truly dread Mondays.  If we change our thinking just a bit, mondays can become a HUGE part of success and fun.  Now if you hate your job, read some of my other posts, you need to change that.  But lets look, its monday morning, this week hasn’t been written yet, maybe you make this week the first week of your new journey to a new goal?  Maybe you just spend this week planning to start next week better.  You may find your true love, win the lottery, meet a business partner, you never know what will happen the rest of the week, so please start to enjoy that..

Happy Monday,

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

It’s Not About Being Perfect….

titleThere isn’t much more to say about this, it pretty much says it all.  I write this blog to help others enjoy life more, hopefully help people find and work toward their goals.

Being perfect isn’t even an option in my opinion, if you think you are perfect, you already have a problem:D  LOL  Being perfect shouldn’t be the goal, it should be to try and be the best YOU you can be, thats it, thats all.  Being the best YOU, would entail happiness, helping others work toward their goals, spreading join and of course being creative.

So its saturday morning, I have said enough.  Read the poster, remember the poster and spend your weekend enjoying life to its fullest. Until monday:D

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

The Four Agreements

titleI saw this the other day and wanted to share it with you all.  I like this poster, it is a great roadmap to live by.  These days I see way too many people take things so personally.  I can’t and won’t let someone else’s remarks, actions or beliefs affect me in a negative way.  Sure, I still get road rage, but I control it, its a 1 second lapse in my character, which I quickly change to a laugh, smile or just a simple gesture with my finger.  Then its all over with.

OK,that was number 2.  What about number 1, be impeccable with your word.  Simple right? HA!!!!  I challenge any of us, me included to speak only what we mean for just a day.  Christ WAR would break out.  BUT, we can speak with integrity, speak what we mean (in a nicer way) and not talk bad of others.  This is hard for some people, heck I had a salesman in here the other day, looked me square in the eye and lied to me.  He knew he was lying and just kept it up.  I can’t image how someone who is knowingly deceiving someone can sleep at night, but 1000’s of people do it….

Being in practice now for over 17 years, I have spent maybe 2 nights where I lost sleep over someone in my office.  First was a rib that was cracked, second was a marketing mistake I made, which I fixed the very next morning.

I have dealt with countless salespeople (don’t mean to pick on them) that have lied straight to my face to get the deal done.  When I finally catch the lie, I call and sure as rain, they don’t work here anymore..  LOL

Moving on to Number 3.  Don’t Make Assumptions.  WOW and I bad at this one.  I try hard not to judge people based on first appearance, but for some reason, I seem to always make assumptions on what others think or do.  My lovely wife can testify to that… I am trying to break this habit, its hard when most of our lives we have made assumptions of one sort or another.  Take gravity for example, we assume that if we throw a ball straight up in the air, that it will fall right back down because of gravity right?  Well what if HUGE bird flew over right at that moment and swallowed our ball?  Or maybe a spaceship shoots it out of the sky with its lazer cannon?  Our assumption would have been wrong.  Yes, we know gravity exists, but we don’t know what will happen from one second to the next, so assuming is what we do.  Kinda hard to not assume things, but we can try, and try and try, eventually we will build a habit of assuming less.

Sorry for the long post BTW.  But almost done, number 4 is Always do your best.  My 3 kids are in Track and Field this month, its hard for a 8, 7 or 5 yo to understand competition and even harder apparently for them to understand why they aren’t first every time.  But I am trying to teach them to just run their hardest, not worry about who is behind or in front of them.  To run the race just for them, as fast and hard as they can.  My 8yo tore up the 400 the other night, winning by quite a margin, maybe he is getting it.  My 7yo and 5yo are working on it I know, and this will serve as a good example of always doing your best.

Longest post I have made I think, but its a good poster..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P


Yeah, Its Monday

titleMorning everyone.  Its sunny, warm and very calm where I am right now.  Wish you were here.  Perfect morning for just setting goals and enjoying gods creations I think….

Ok, I am sure some of you didn’t get the chance to enjoy it like I am, maybe you woke up late, rushed to the car only to get stuck in traffic.  Or maybe the flying monkeys visited you last night and you are sooooo tired you can’t seem to function.  OR, it could be that you had a flat tire, coffee spilled on yourself, got rearended and IRS called….  you get my point…

How much more fun would monday be if you took as little as 5 minutes to sit calmly and plan your week, sip your coffee, tea or whatever looking at the wind blowing the leaves on the tree in your front yard.  Maybe watch a bird, or see a squirrel out foraging.  Think about how peaceful that would be for a monday morning.

True, life will eventually start up, your phone will ring, texts will come, people will everywhere, but for 5 minutes this morning, you calmly reinvented yourself and set your week in motion.  A week that will be full or adventures, choices, events and fun, if you choose to make it happen that way.

So, welcome to MONDAY, if you missed your 5 minutes this morning, try again tomorrow.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

My little blog is small, BUTT!!!!!!!!

titleBut I started it for a reason. And you don’t see me selling anything so money wasn’t it. The reason I started this blog, was actually because I got cancer.

Cancer is a nasty word, but we hear it all the time. For some people, cancer is terminal, for others its just a hiccup in the road. But the word itself, well, it scared the shit out of me.

Now i am almost 3 years past that initial diagnosis, I am still fine and plugging away, but back when I first heard that diagnosis, I was a bit thrown back. I had 3 little kids, who in my opinion were still getting to know who and what I was made of. Kids, don’t really understand or get the whole person I don’t think. Sure, they knew me as a funny, playful and lovable dad, but what about the life lessons and the things that made me that way?
I started this blog to help me remember how much I love helping people, making them laugh and being the best ME I can be. Sure, I am not really politically correct, I am not perfect by a long shot (I do have a crack in my ass I still can’t fix), but I am ME. And I love me for me.
Now my kids are almost 3 years older, I am trying to teach them to be kind to others, never judge a book by its cover, but rather its actions, and to live life to its fullest. Fear, I don’t like fear, I try to overcome it every chance I get, but I am still afraid of change.  The fear of the cancer, I accepted and moved past..
If you read my blog, change is necessary, and I do change, just not very fast or sometimes even when necessary. For me, its fear, I truly like routine, I like things to be just the way they are, but sometimes thats not the way they need to be, so change is necessary.
The quote above was from Steve Jobs, I like it, and I hope that people who read my blog understand that life is short, life should be happy, life should be creative and most of all, life should be yours…….Being the best ME you can be is my idea of happiness.
Build, Inspire, Live
Linden P

How Creative Are You?

titleNow this guy may (or may not) have problems, but he is definitely very creative in his art.  How creative are you?  If you follow my blog, you know I believe we are all here to create. That doesn’t mean create buildings, bridges, nerve gasses and the such, it means creating happiness, love, emotions.

Being creative isn’t a gift, talent or skill that you need to develop to use, you are born with it.  Remember as a child, using your imagination to become a super hero, princess or cowboy?  What about dreaming of flying, winning a super bowl or becoming president?

Using our minds and imagination is away of creating, and we all do it.  Come on, is it just me or hasn’t everyone wanted to be a frog swimming in a clear pond????  LOL  So, now that we all know we have the ability to create, lets step it up a notch.

Ok, so using our imagination, we create our dream.  What if we started using more of  our creative juices to figure out how to make that dream a reality?  It may not happen in our lifetime, but every step you make towards your dream is a road map for someone else down the way to continue on with it.  Take humans flying for instance, I can picture a cave man type, climbing a tree and just leaping off thinking he could fly.  Well lesson learned I hope, the next time, maybe he takes a running start, then adds some type of wings, etc..  We know we can’t fly on our own, but through trial and error on others parts, we have learned we can fly with the right equipment.

What about your dream?  What is it?  How can you create things now that will help you move towards your dream?  Our dreams are amazing, but if we aren’t doing something to move us towards them, they will always be just dreams…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Mondays, mondays, mondays. Yep there are over 50 a year…

titleLOL, its monday morning again people. I hope you get a smile out of my posts on mondays or tues or weds. lol
Mondays are my favorite days, don’t hate me for that, but hopefully some of me can rub off on you, yeah, some of the good stuff, not my hair or smells. title
So this morning, the sun is shining, people are chatting away here at the coffee shop, and yes, there are a few smiles too.
So what can I say, if you start to embrace mondays for what they are in a positive sense, maybe they will get more fun for you.
LOOK, mondays are the first day of the week, a new week full of adventures, opportunities, encounters and much more. How can you not be excited about that??
Ok, maybe you hate your job….Change it….I have talked about that in previous posts, its not that hard to find something to love about your work, take pride in it, etc. But some people just can’t seem to care to find it. Even a counter person at McD’s can take great pride in providing a smile to everyone they encounter. I still love working the window at the casino, I like the brief encounters with all the many different people. True, its not my career, but I do love it.
I can remember in college, yeah, I can still remember bits and pieces of it, mondays were hard, after a long weekend of Rugby, parties, traveling, etc. I did sleep in a lot, but when I did get up, was excited that another week was starting. Even during finals week. lol
So, there isn’t really a lesson in this post, but I wanted people to know that mondays can be a great place to start new and move in a more positive direction.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P