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Set A Goal SO BIG….. goalWhen I was a kid, one goal I had was to fly like superman. Two fractured heal bones later, I had a different goal, walking without pain…..

So, what went wrong with my first goal?  Well lack of knowledge or gravity, lack of preparation, lack of intellegence too I think.  lol  Setting a goal that is SO BIG you can’t achieve it till you become the person who can is a great idea, but one that needs a warning label….

I have a dream of a clinic that has 1000 members, I show up to a full house of people, treat for 3 hours straight, play, chat and have fun, then leave for the gym and lunch to return for 4 more hours of pure pleasure and fun.  No marketing, no fires to put out, no sales to make.  I have yet to reach that goal, but when I look back a few years ago, I am a much different man now, I have grown, learned and worked to change little things that I need to make me the person who can DO that DREAM!!!

So what giant goal can you set yourself up for?  Maybe its weight loss, maybe its becoming president (I have no idea why anyone would want that job though), or being its OLYMPICS time, maybe its that GOLD MEDAL….The athletes that are competing at the games now, WOW.  Think about all the sacrifices, training, succcesses and failures it took for them to get where they are today.  This is a prime example of setting a goal so big that you will have to grow into the person who can achieve it.

So, go set that goal, start your journey of becoming the person who will achieve that goal, and then celebrate and set another grand goal…

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Linden P

Don’t, I repeat Don’t, ever…… bubblegun fartGrowing up, mom always told me never to swallow my bubblegum, so being ME, I always swallowed mine.  I really hope this isn’t my future or I am going to need some serious gum remover and new undies..

So what kinds of things did you learn as a child that you still believe are true today?  Your parents, teachers, friends, etc, didn’t intend to hinder your potential with what was said, but sometimes that is exactly what happens.  Were you ever told to pipe down, be quiet, sit still, etc??  Well if your mind took those words to heart, you may be in introvert, content with your current situation and afraid to speak up…  What about don’t be a tattle tale?  Or maybe you were told (god forbid) you were stupid, fat or something else that stuck in your mind.  How has that affected the life decisions you have made so far?

I am a parent, and I want whats best for my kids, I have no idea what will stick in their heads and what won’t.  I try my hardest to never use negative phrases, but I am human too and I am sure there will be moments that my children grind into their subconscious minds which I can’t control.

My point is, a lot of who we are comes from our past experience.  That can be a very positive thing and for the most part I believe it is.  But there are also somethings buried there that are hindering our potentials.  We may never find out what is holding us back, but it does pay to look and see if you can find somethings that we can change for the better.  We are all miracles, everyone of us is unique, special and loved, those are some of the greatest things ever and we all deserve to know that.

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Linden P

Hardest Job I know of….. spidermanBabysitting Spiderman would be at the top of my list.  Can you imagine a little spidey, running, crawling and shooting webbing all over the place??

I love kids, spent 5 years practicing pretty much just pediatric chiropractic, have 3 of my own (more if I had the time).  But if you aren’t still in young kid mode, bear with me, young kids want to learn, they absorb things like a sponge does water.

So, picture a wall crawling little spidey…I locked the drawers and lower cabinets in our kitchen, had a lock on the fridge, the stove and dishwasher too.  My kids are a lot like me, they want to see, touch, feel everything… So, we now have a kid spidey who can climb walls, shoot webbing and wants to touch, feel and see EVERYTHING!!!  And he could… He could see the dust on top of the kitchen cabinets, roll in the cobbwebs in the high corners of the house, he’s probably faster than we are too, so how would you actually babysit a baby spidey??

Ok, reality is your job, whatever it is, can’t be as hard as that.  Sure you may be in charge of a bunch of punk kids who call in sick, miss work, leave early, etc.. Or maybe you are a teacher of kids where only half speak english.  Tough, but not as tough as sitting for a mutant spider boy.  So be happy, enjoy and make the very best of your job, take pride in it, create and be yourself.

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Linden P

Testing of one’s will…On Monday Morning… minivanSo it’s monday morning, while driving my 5yo to her first day of summer day camp, van breaks down. No worries that isn’t my van. But how would you deal with this situation?

My daughter all pumped up for camp in the back, I have to be to work like now, van just stops running.  Thankfully I was in town and just pulled into a parking spot on the side of the road.  But would you be yelling, pissed, mad at your car?  What would you say if you kids werent in the car??  How many great swear words from your childhood would you have said?

Me, well if you read my blog, kinda know I am not normal, but my reaction should be mentioned so others may get the example.  Shit happens…All The TIME!!!  It doen’t pay to get mad about it, it doesn’t change anything.  Take a deep breath, hum, smile, whatever you need to calm your mind and then focus on how to fix the problems this just created.

Call a friend to pick you up and drop your kid off at camp.  Call work and let them know what happened, etc..  There are so many things we can’t control, so lets focus on what we can control.

Life is full of “shit happens” moments, I sometimes think the universe does it just to see how we will react.  Getting upset, mad and pissed off, really doesn’t accomplish anything for the positive.  Sure, I get upset, but for me, I quickly calm myself and focus on what needs to be done that I can control to move this moment forward.

It’s monday morning, I still love mondays and this may be an extreme case of why.  Each monday brings a new week of opportunity, adventures and surprises…  Enjoy them..

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Linden P

“When was the last time……” last first timeLast week my kids and I were at the pool, I have been trying to get my kids to do flips off the diving board (they are 8,7 and 5).  So dad being only 42yo but living like a 20yo, got up on the board, ran up, bounced really high and…….

Well I made the flip, plus almost another half.  But when I opened to land in the pool, my face SPLAT on the surface of the now hard as a rock water…LOL  It’s tuesday of the next week and water is still dripping out of my nose.

So when was the last time you did something for the first time?  OK, I did 1000’s of flips off the diving board as a kid, but not one for over 20 years.  Trying, doing and mastering new things is a great way to grow yourself, build confidence and thrive.  Now I don’t know what you shoudl try for the first time, only you know that, but taking that first step is the key.  Watching my kids, they still have very little fear.  For the most part, only one has broken a leg and gotten stitches , they don’t know pain or injury yet, which sometimes comes from trying new things.  Adults use fear to justify not trying new things a lot of the time, fear is an excuse, and not a valid one for me.

Now taking some of the risk out of trying new things is a good idea, maybe baby steps, maybe full football padding, I don’t know.  But still you need to try…  I have been searching for a 24″ BMX cruiser bike, so I can ride like I did at 19yo, endos, tricks, jumping, etc..  Now I am sure I will bite it alot, but my boys will be trying it all with me, so we will practice on the grass, wear our elbow pads and helmets (wow, we never had helmets when I was a kid doing this??).

So, get out there and find some new things to try, explore and even master.  Overcome the fear we have aquired into adulthood and go for it..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P.


How was your childhood? childhood  Ispent my childhood living in a fantasy world and now at 42yo, I still do:)  Living with an imagination like mine isn’t probably normal, but you will see me happy and smiling all the time..

So how was your childhood?  Did you step on cracks and break your mothers back?  What was the name of the monster under YOUR bed?  Did you fight evil doers with your super powers?  Maybe you were invisible or 10 feet tall and bulletproof.

I don’t think I am insane, pretty sure having a vivid imagination is a good thing.  I dream all the time, mostly of what my life will be like in the near future, my hobby shop, my kids, etc…  But catch me driving to work and I might  be imagining I am the hulk or superman helping the road crew fix the bridge quicker, or maybe I finished my teleportation machine and I am beamed straight into my office..

Having the ability to leave reality for awhile is a good thing, gives us a mental break and usually what we imagine is happy things.  Remember when we smile or feel happy, our bodies chemistry changes for the better without fail.  When we are unhappy or mad, smae thing happens for the bad.  Finding ways to smile and laugh help us to stay healthy whether you believe it or not, science can test it again for us…

So I hope you can think back and remember jumping for couch to couch over hot lava and smile at how fun it was.  And don’t be afraid to let your imagination run sometimes, its good for you…

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Linden P…

We all Play the Same Game. dealingHey, the game is the same,we are just at different levels and fighting different demons. I like this quote. So if we are all in the same game, how come some people wear smiles and others frowns?

Well it could be as simple as we are on different levels of the game, but even when some people reach another level, their frown nevers turns rightside up.  People, life is a game, its not a game of who gets the most stuff either, its a game about being as creative as we can with what we have been given.  Not everyone can be an award winning chemist, or an underwater welder.  People are created with their own special talents and skills.  Life lessons also play into this game, but its still YOUR game and you actually control it.

Its a short game and we never know when it ends, so why spend time being unhappy and angry about it.  Excuses, blaming others, etc…  That just creates unrest and anger, the game is supposed to be fun, entertaining and creative.  Now when I say creative, that doesnt mean you need to be making things, songs, chairs, building, etc, it means creativing happiness, love, fun for you and others.

This game can’t be won, it can only be played and enjoyed hopefully.  If you aren’t spending most of your life smiling, you aren’t playing the game right, take a look at what makes you upset and why?  Slow traffic should not cause road rage, christ we all need to get somewhere, if traffic stops, you can’t change that fact, getting upset about it does nothing to change it, so why do it?  Try changing the radio station, humming a tune, hell, people watch (my favorite).  Make the best of every situation and look for fun, new and creative ways to avoid bad ones…

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Linden P

You Can’t Hide From Monday…. mondayLOL Some of my closest friends would love to hide from mondays. They are still my favorite day of the week.  You can’t hide from mondays, you should look forward to them.

Now what reasons do we have to hate mondays?  Well for most people I encounter, its because they aren’t happy with their job.  Hmmmmm, why not change your job then?  Or change your attitude about your job?  If you don’t like what you do, why are you doing it?  How much better would life be if you were doing something you love for a job??  Why aren’t you??

Ok, that was a ton of questions, but hopefully it got you thinking….  Taking a cut in pay may not seem like a great idea, but if you love what you would be doing, you would find ways to make up the lost income I bet.  Going back to school, hell thats easy now.  Most things can be done online and at night, no excuses left…There are trade schools, vocational programs, community education, etc..  My wife fell in love with fitness, took her time and learned, studied and prepared, now she is an instructor..  Its not hard to do, just might be hard to take that first step..

Hating mondays because of work is a sign that maybe you need to look at changing your job or your attitude about it.  I bet someone who loves their job, does it much better than someone who doesn’t like their work.  Finding a way to take pride in what you do is not that hard either, if you build stuff, be proud of your creation, if you help people, be proud of it, if you teach, god, be very proud to provide youth with knowledge.  Look at what you do, I bet there is a lot of pride that can come from your service, find it and relish it.

HAve a great week.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P