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“Someday I Will….”

OK, someday I will win the lottery. Yeah, for me!!!! Someday I will see the 7 wonders of the world with my children…. Someday I will pay off my student loans… SOMEDAY!

So, when is SomeDay anyway?  I know it sounds a lot like sunday, but its not that day I know for sure or yesterday would have been a great day.  When we use the word “someday” we are usually making an excuse, not always, but very often its just an excuse.  I don’t like excuses, but I have used this one quite often through my many years so far.

I wanted to look at ways to help us not make it an excuse and rather make it a plan.  So, someday I will win the lottery!  –  Well, that is a plan, can’t really control winning the lottery, but plan is to buy a ticket for every drawing in hopes that I win.  Someday I will see the 7 wonders of the world with my children… –  This one WILL happen, I don’t know when yet, money is the biggest factor here, so the plan here is a saving account for just that purpose.

Be careful when we use the work someday, if you dont’ make a plan for it, your someday may never come.

Happy Monday,

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Linden P

To All The Dads out there

Yesterday was fathers day, I hope all of you dads enjoyed your day. I remember when my wife was pregnant with our first child back in 2003..

If you have followed my post, you know I live my life my way, not societies.  The two words don’t much like but have heard a lot over the years are “GROW UP”.  Listen, I have 9 years of college, a doctorate degree and if I want to play and have fun, I will…..  😛  lol

So back to this post.  Becoming a dad for me was a  huge joy, but for some I imagine its a scary thing.  But if you are religious person, god only gives you what you can handle is the saying that comes to mind.  If you aren’t religious, please know that we have parental instincts build into our beings.  Being a dad to me is basically just simple love for them.  Sure, you may have to tone your language and maybe not walk around the house naked all weekend, and there is that fact that you can’t just take your wife whenever the urge to occurs (please don’t let your kids catch you in the “Act”)….

Learning to be a great parent can be a fun experience, but also hard at times, kids will imitate their dad, every change they get when they are young, so be careful what you do.  Arm pit farting, swearing, pinching moms bottom, etc..  Take note, these aren’t good things for your kids to imitate:P  LOL

Just remember, you have the ability inside you to be a great dad, just nuture and build that ability.  Teach your child to make intelligent choices, weight the pros and cons of those choices and to love and respect all creatures.  Simple huh?

Eventually they will grow up and make their own (hopefully) lives and pass along what they have learned from their dads to their children.  My dad (love ya pop), we a lecturer, had a talk for every situation, I hated them as a child, but 30+ years later, I can still hear them and they are part of me and help me make the choices I make.  My dad also gave me choices and consequences so I could make my own decisions.  Thanks Dad…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Don’t Take Life so Seriously..

seriously tgimpage.comOk, this picture maybe me someday, I was made without the gene for humility. There isn’t much that will make me fell embarrassed. To me, thats a waste of time, if I am having fun, I don’t much care what others think.
So what embarrasses you? Do you worry what others will think of you if you do something different? Why? I have met so many cool people that most would just try to avoid. Crossdressers who are 6’5″ and just like wearing womans clothes, an albino hairless man (who was smart as hell and pretty cool), homeless guy who lives at Caribou here where I write my blog. He doesn’t talk much to us, but talks to himself a lot.
These people are amazing and special, but their best quality is that they aren’t ashamed of being themselves. They actually love the fact that I said something to them and we got to chat, instead of just staring and judging them.
If you can take a lesson from these “Strange” people, take that being happy with who you are is the best way to live your life.
You should see me try and walk on my hands for my kids at 42yo. Or, well, trying to skateboard (I don’t recommend that if you haven’t been on one in 20 years, my ankle is just starting to heal). I don’t care if the neighbors laugh at me, they are getting to know me and for the most part, they like me. lol
Be yourself and enjoy your life.

Build, Inspire, Live
Linden P

How hard is your life, REALLY?

tacobell tgimpage.comI have had many unpleasant jobs in my time here on earth, but never have I thought WOW, this sucks.. Jobs are not who we are, they are what we do to make a living. In my younger years, I stuffed mean ass turkeys into crates, moved people into their home in a blizzard in January in ND, cleaned 1000 lbs of cow poop out of a trailer, etc…
These aren’t who I am, they are what I did to make money to enjoy my life.
I hear people complain everyday about who bad their life is, how unfair things are, how the world is against them, etc.. These are excuses people, thats all.
I like that pic, I still moonlight a bit at the casino, the worst job I have seen is the EVS job there, these poor people have to constantly clean bathrooms of people who are mad, broke and pissed off at the casino. Not a good job by any means, but I see most of them with a smile because they know its only a job.
So please, please don’t make excuses for how your life is going, if you aren’t happy with it, change it. Its not the world that is against you, its your own mind setting limitations, excuses and the such. If you aren’t smart enough, get smarter, if you aren’t skinny enough, get skinny. Its not hard to envision, its just hard to actually do sometimes. But you CAN change your life, you just have to want to enough..
Build, Inspire, Live.
Linden P

Challenge your Limits challengesSo growing up, well by 3rd grade I knew the definition of insubordination.  My whole life I have challenged things, yes, I was that kid.  But now that I am older and have learned to be more subtle with my challenges when needed, I still do challenge many things.

So limits, why do we set limits on ourselves anyway??  Well I have written on this before, mostly the limits we have are set by what we have been taught, learned or seen.  Limits are there to be pushed I think, not necessarily abused, but pushed.  With my kids, I give them choices, they know the consequences with each choice.  May not be the best way, but I want my kids to know they always have choices.

What are some of the limits you have?  How can you challenge them or change them to help you live a better, happier life?  Sure you may need some help with figuring out what your limits are, maybe you have some limits set that you don’t even realize.   But finding your limits and setting up ways to push them farther is not a bad goal to have.

If you have followed my blog at all, you know I don’t like limits that hold us back, like to think outside the box and push people and ideas.  Now in my later years, I have learned to not be so brash about it, there are subtle ways to challenge that don’t offend peoples views of things.  Being a chiropractor has helped me learn subtle ways to get people thinking about their views.  Medical and TV have forced their views on most people over the years.  The major difference is that chiropractic believes that our bodies have the power to heal from the inside out, whereas medical thinking is from the outside in.  That doesn’t mean medical isn’t necessary though.  But we have in ourselves an innate intellegence that controls and monitors our health.  Chiropractic just wants to help innate heal the body.  NSaids, muscle relaxers, pain meds, etc, don’t do any healing, they aren’t natural to our bodies and just numb the brain.   But enough on that, sorry…

So spend some time thinking about the limits you have placed on yourselves, and find ways to push those limits for the better.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P.


You realize I spend most of my time outside the box… redneckOk, I have been on a walk-a bout the past week, but still living life and laughing.  Being from ND I can appreciate being creative with what you have.  This picture sums up creative thinking in the best way.

So, you are at a BBQ with your little one who is teething.  Its hard to hold them and listen to a conversation with someone, why not carve out this contraption and let baby enjoy this even just as much as you.  Sure you will have to wash baby, but don’t you wash him every night anyway?

When our first son was born, night time was my time with them, I worked most days, so at night I got to play, bathe and read to him.  This routine is still going on with all 3 kids.  For the most part, I give them baths or showers every night still, read to the little one and try and do something with the boys while they are in bed.  Its just our routine.

They have for the most part had a bath or shower everynight of their lives, barring maybe 10 nights throughout where we missed… Impressive huh?  LOL

Well I am a creature of routine, I have my work uniform so I don’t have to think about what to wear, do the gym early mornings, marketing, work and then play.  Thats my day in a nutshell.  Sometimes life throws a rock in my routine, but when all is normal again, routine is back.  Sure its evolved over the years and it will continue to change as needed, but its a routine.

So what is your routine?  And how can we change it for the better?  Maybe you wake up 30 minutes earlier?  Maybe you focus on health more? maybe you meditate?  Run? Who knows what it is?  Oh, thats right you do.  Only you know what you need, maybe you need some help finding it, but only you can change your routine for the better.

HAve a great week, hopefully I will build TGIM back into my morning routine asap.  I love it..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P