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Pssst, you, yeah you……

tigger tgim happyHey, I am not sure if you grew up with Tigger and pooh or not, but WOW, the lessons we can learn from this group of misfits.
First off, you have pooh, who is mild mannered, loveable and just a calming soul. Next you have piglet, um, well he is kinda neuroitc, bordering on a nervous breakdown and drinking problem (that is when he discovers drinking). Then we move onto Eeyore, well he is a mess altogether. Most of us have that one friend that sees mostly the negative things in life. And finally Tigger, the guy who can’t be brought down. Sure, he has his moments of self pity, but he always find the bright side and make the best of it.

Sure there were others, owl and rabbit, kanga and roo.  But these 4 were helpful for me in learning how to deal with each other.  Piglet was a challenge sometimes, how do you bring someone down to your level to communicate with them?  What about Eeyore ?  Keeping him positive was impossible, so they learned  to let him be him and help him when he needed it.  Pooh, well he wasn’t hard to please, give him honey and friendship and he was yours forever.  Tigger on the other hand, I like him, might even get a tattoo of him come to think of it.  He was always rocking his game, excited about life, adventure and I bet he loved mondays like I do.

This group of friends along with Christopher Robin created many memories for me along their journey, just took me awhile to realize it.  Thanks guys for never growing up!!!!

Linden P.

BEWARE, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

tomorrow, tgimIf you have been following my blog at all, you will know I love life and live for tomorrow.  Mondays are my favorite day of the week, (yeah I know, weird right?), but I do love not knowing what the week will bring.  I actually look forward to the adventures.

So how do you view the future, like tomorrow?  Do you fear it? Why?  Do you embrace it and want to know what will happen?  Why?  Tomorrow hasn’t been written yet, not at all.  I had a colleague die in a motorcycle accident this past week, we weren’t great friends but did chat occasionally.  He was a therapist, worked with depression and helped people overcome their fears.  He lived life and enjoyed it.  He was 60yo, enjoying a ride on his motorcycle and then he was gone……….

I love riding my motorcycle, the freedom, the sensations of the wind and road beneath you.  WOW.  I won’t stop riding my bike, enjoying life and living for today.  We all die, some sooner than others, but fear of death will definitely take way from living.  He didn’t know he was going to die, he couldn’t know, he went on to enjoy himself and lived….  You need to be doing the same.  Is there a list of things you want to do b4 you leave this earth?  Are you working towards doing those things?  For me, I want to take my family to see the 8 wonders of the world, see all 50 states with my family b4 they turn 18yo.  There are others, but those two alone are going to require me to save a lot of money.  That is what I am working on, building my business so someday in the near future we can start to explore those two things.  Yeah, I remember me, my sis and mom and dad driving to california and oklahoma, its wasn’t the most fun journey sometimes, but still today, I recall it and smile…

So, lets get on living and enjoying life, we never know when it ends for us..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Mom, its 3am, do you know where I am??

Mom, its 3am, do you know where I am?Some of you might not remember Calvin and his buddy, but I have remembered this one and laughed over it for the past 10 years at least.

Calvin had a very unique way of thinking.  He challenged everyone and had fun with his childhood.  I loved reading those comics, another on with snowmen really makes me giggle too.  If you have a chance, google him and hobbes and give yourself a laugh or two.

Life shouldn’t be so serious, you should spend more time laughing than not I think.  Laughing does so much more than most of us realize.  It releases hormones that improve the function of our bodies (sorry, the chiropractor in me likes that), it also affects the people around you, if they see you happy, laughing or smiling, the chemicals in their bodies change abit too.   Why spend your time angry, stressed or unhappy when it doesn’t do you any good?  I understand we are by nature lately a very unhappy nation, I see people everyday who think they are entitled to everything, expect the world to cater to them, lie, deceive and cheat….  I don’t know what made people so jaded, but that is just a fact.  BUT, you can also see those people who for some reason arent affected by all the negativity.  I do know that if you are exposed to negative things enough, you will soon start becoming negative yourself.  This presents us with a problem, with so many negative people out there, how to we protect ourselves from becoming one of them?

Well being here is a good start, also finding others who don’t see the world or life as a negative adventure.  Having friends who love life and want to make the best of it will help you and your friends stay positive.  Life is truly a blessing, should be enjoyed to its fullest, even just sitting on a cold day and warming yourself in the sunlight, feeling its heat envelope your body and warm you.  Or the smell of freshly cut grass, the birds chirping, etc.. Yes, its spring here in MN so thats what you get.

So stay positive and help others to see the beauty and blessing of living life happy.

Build, Inspire, Live.

Linden P

FIshing can be tricky…

fishing with lindenLOL Cats are funny I have to admit. But fishing in itself can be quite a learning experience.  I used to love fishing, spending time out in the quiet just you and your rod, talking to the fish trying to convince them to bike your lure..

Growing up, my dad and I fished abit, but for the most part started fishing more when I was older.  I do remember one trip to Northern MN when I was young, dad hooked us up with a row boat, me and him (not sure if my sister was with, don’t remember) went out and caught like 100 sunnys.  Had a blast, it wasn’t hard, fish practically jumped in the boat.  I was smiling the whole time.  Problem was, I think mom has to clean all those little sunnies and when all was said and done, none of us had enough to eat.  LOL

There were times when I would go out spend 3 hours yelling at the water (apparently there were no fish in it) and come home with nothing.  When I was little we moved alot, were in Minot ND and I would walk a mile or so to sit and fish on the river banks, every once in a while would catch a perch worth keeping too.  But one day I snagged a log, was pulling and pulling and pulling, trying to get me line free or the log up when all of a suddne this creature came sliding up the bank under the water right too me.  Scariest thing I had ever seen, 2+ ft long, round suckerlike mouth and grey as the clouds before a storm.  I freaked out, but didn’t want to lose my prize catch.  I had dug out a live well 3 feet from the bank, so I slid this creature up the bank and into my live well, then turn tail and bolted for home to get someone who could identify my catch.  Turns out it was just a carp, but WOW what an experience.

Ok, so what does fishing have to do with life or inspiration?  Well remember I like to see  the whole picture in things, so fishing can be like life.  Sometimes you have all the right gear, right attitude and the perfect day, but you don’t catch anything.  Sometimes you have a string, a hook and some corn and you pull in a boat load of fish.  Life is funny, I used to and maybe still do believe that our paths are mapped out for us, but at every fork in the road, we have to make a choice, that choice leads us to another path and map of our life.  Now the good news is that if you pay attention and make a wrong turn, you can go back and correct your mistake, take the other road and create a whole new path again for yourself.  Just cause its written (if it is really that way) doesn’t mean there aren’t alternative endings to your story.  We always have choices, always.  If we make the wrong one, we may be able to go back and choose again.  That may not be the easiest thing to do, but if you know where you want to go and stay true, easy doesn’t really matter.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Some people only see obstacles.

obstacles aren't permanentSome people see the glass as half empty, I see more room for bourbon.. LOL  Obstacles shouldn’t be stopping point, they are just things in the way of where you are headed.  Some people see them and give up, others and they are rare but others see them as a building block, stepping stone or other benefit to help them reach their goal.

This mouse didn’t see the trap as a threat, it figured out how to take advantage of it and make himself stronger.  Funny little pic… but powerful if you look deeper at it.

So what obstacles have stopped you in your quest for happiness?  What if you have the chance could you do to turn that obstacle into a positive?  True, some things will be difficult to overcome, but there is almost always a way to make the best of it.  Losing an arm can be an obstacle, but I saw a one armed guy riding his motorcycle just this morning.  I bet that was tough, but he made it work.  Impressed I was at that site..

This week, lets try and think differently about what we think are obstacles, lets see if we can make them more of an advantage for us.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Today I was Born!!!

I was born todayHappy Birthday to me:) Spent the last hour at the dentist, not too bad but as I sit here trying to drink my coffee and type this, I have a numb upper lip on the left and numb lower lip on the right, making things very difficult…

Ok, I have used this picture to describe my birthday, obviously thats not me, if it were I would have a vikings helmet on at least.  Plus, at 42yo, there is no way I will involve a lot of alcohol, its just too painful in the morning.  So, I made it one more time around the sun, congrats to me…

I wonder if other ponder life on their birthdays, wonder where things went wrong, what went right, what can be done now and in the future to ensure a happy, fun and enjoyable life?

I don’t think I spend anymore time on my birthday thinking about that stuff, I do think about it everyday.  But for some, maybe the BIRTHDAY is a good day to look at what things need to be done now and in the future to reach the goals we set for ourselves.  I hope you have friends and family to celebrate with, I see facebook has 50+  messages for me this morning, that is nice to see, but there are 4 people I want to spend some time with today and that is my wife and 3 kids.  I love my family, I am not a card guy, just phone me and wish me a happy birthday. My mom and dad and sister usually get a call from me, since I married, my wife has been the one to buy cards for people.  I have three great friends from childhood that I love to hear from too, as well as other close friends.

So If you are up for it, celebrate today for me by being happy and inspiring to others and enjoy..

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Life has no Remote..

life has no remoteLife isn’t supposed to be that easy, if you life isn’t where you want it to be, get up and change it.
I remember the days long ago, before remote controls, lol I even remember a VCR my dad bought that had a corded remote..WOW, times have changed. We use Roku in place of satellite or cable at our house and I even have a remote for that on my phone.
Technology is amazing, but it can’t quite replace good old fashioned self motivation or action. If your life isn’t where you want, it, hopefully you are up and making the changes needed to get your life back on track.
Sure, I use some technology to help keep me motivated and track my progress, but for the most part it’s still up to me to take action. Somedays that hard, but there isn’t many days that go by where I do at least make a whole hearted effort to try and improve my life and the life of those around me.
How about you? What do you need to get you up to make a change? Is your life perfect? I am betting not quite yet, but if it is, congrats.   So, for the rest of us, where do we start?  I don’t know that, but you do actually, its deep inside you somewhere.  That dream life you have, what little steps can you start taking today to make that life more of a reality?  Maybe its not snacking so much before bed, maybe its putting an extra $10 away each week, maybe its slowing down to enjoy the world around you??  I don’t know what it is, but if you stop and ponder what you need to be doing, you will find the answer you are seeking.

Good luck and have a great day.

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Money isn’t the answer…

money isn't the answerTrue, we all need money in this day and age. I do have a friend who gave up money and started his own form of currency though. Seems to work well if there are enough people willing to join you in a bartering type system.
Money is needed, but its not the answer to lifes problems.

I know a few people who have all the money they will ever need, unfortunately, thats pretty much all they have.  Friends aren’t really friends, they tolerate him because he can help them become more like him.  Funny huh?  They don’t like this person they want to be more like??  That doesn’t make any sense to me at all when I think about it.  But hey, money is king right?  No, its not.  all the money in the world can’t buy true friendship, relationships or even health for that matter.  Not saying there aren’t many people out there with alot of money and true friends, spouse, etc..  Just saying that money didn’t make these things happen or make that person who they are.  Character plays a huge role in being rich.  Not rich in money, rich in life.  Being true to yourself, your friends, family and colleagues makes you rich beyond belief.  Ethics, morals and your ability to show compassion, empathy and joy make you a rich person.

Yes, you do need money, but if you aren’t trying to keep up with the Jone’s, you probably don’t need that much money to thrive.  I drive a 2000 Ford Minivan, it starts and goes just the same as my neighbors Audi, gets better gas mileage and can haul a small soccer team.  LOL  I have never seen the need for a HUGE house, thats way too much to clean….Plus, we are know love grows best in little houses…

Happy Monday everyone.

Linden P.


morning tgim lindenI know most of you think mondays suck, and you probably aren’t a morning person either. But I love mondays, and mornings (and late nights in front of an open fire with a cold beer too)…

So how can we make you love mornings?  Not sure that is possible, but maybe a better nights sleep would do it, or some stronger coffee, maybe bourbon???  Well the easy way is to just find some things that make mornings great, maybe the sun coming up?  Maybe your smiling childrens faces?  Maybe the thought of what fun today could be with a happier attitude??  I don’t know, but I bet you can find something.

Ever since high school, I have worked out mornings, usually around 5am when the gym opened, lately its been later like 7am, but that makes my day a better day.  Some mornings are hard, but the gym always makes me feel better.  Ok, one time the cable broke and the bar cracked my head open, but I was unconscious by then so it didn’t matter much.   So maybe you just copy this picture and print it out, paste it on the fridge, bathroom mirror, your work computer, wherever you need a little help with a smile.  Those fairies work their asses off and don’t get much appreciation ya know.

Its friday morning, have a great weekend.

Build, inspire, live….

Linden P


falling down means getting back upSometimes you do have to pick yourself up and carry on…..

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself, you DO have friends and family that are there for you, just have to ask… Life is unpredictable, but it is a joyous and wonderful thing. There will be a few if not many times when you will be knocked down. Its not how many times you get knocked down, its how many times you get back up. Life has up’s and downs, thats what makes if fun.
Failing is part of the learning process for many of us, you can’t let it stop you from living, from dreaming and from chasing those dreams. It should provide you with a new perspective and hopefully a renewed enthusiasm to try harder, smarter and bring out your creativity to succeed.
This is a late night post, but I feel its pretty important to know that falling down isnt the end, its just a bump in the road, time for a rest and new view of where you are going and how you are getting there..
And be sure to rely on friends and family to help you get up and dust off, and finally move forward again..
Build, Inspire, Live
Linden P