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Live your life for you:D

tgim live your life for ouOk, if you have kids, please don’t just leave them to live your life on a beach kidless with endless supplies of drink and food.    Those that know me, have all, and I mean pretty much everyone I know, told me to quiet down at some point.  I am a vocal person and proud of it.  If I am quiet, they also wonder whats wrong, lol.

Spending your life trying to please others is noble, but its your life and you need to live it to its fullest.  Really, we aren’t here for that long, and truth is, none of us know when we are done here, so WHY spend time pretending to be someone else?  If you are a geek or nerd, be proud of it, big, little, short or tall, be proud.  You are in your body, if you body doesn’t make you happy, change it, diet, exercise, accept and move on.  I want people to be happy in themselves, be proud and show it.  I am not perfect by anyone’s standards, not even close, but that doesn’t stop me from loving myself and others.  I have tried to pretend to be what others wanted, dress pants, collared shirts, and (gasp) ties.  Its not me, I am not comfortable in that stuff, I am not a skinny man, but will someday see my 6 pack abs again (thanks to trying to do a marathon).  I am loud as we said earlier, don’t really take much seriously (which makes some people unhappy with me), but thats who I am.  I work on things that affect others, try to tame my manners certain times, but I do love life and myself, so that won’t change.

Love you all, thanks for hanging here with me.

Linden P

Help or Hurt others??

tgimpage linden pI have written on this subject before, I truly believe we were put on earth now, to be creators. Creating to me seems to be the ideal goal of humanity, whether its music, art, happiness, love, friendship, family, or even the stink some people make.  Its all about creating……

Now, in that sense, this picture got to me, I also do believe in helping over hurting.  Nothing good can come from purposely hurting others, well maybe in MMA or Boxing, but other than that, nothing good should be derived from hurting others on purpose.  Maybe this is a bullying talk, but I won’t go there today.   Lets focus on helping over hurting.

If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything might be a good way to start.  Words often hurt much more than fists… People react totally differently from one another when words are used, some people feel hurt, some feel anger, some (me for the most part) just blow it off.  Now thats not to say that most, if not all humans WANT to be liked and accepted, but truly people differ on how someone’s words affect them.  So lets be creators, creating smiles, happiness and love everywhere we go if we can, instead of hate, anger, and hurt..  Talking bad about someone doesn’t do ANYONE any good.  Period!!!!!

Build, Inspire, Live

Thanks for reading.

Linden P

So how are your Resolutions going?

resolutions tgimLets revisit this resolutions thing again, its the end of March and I bet most of you forgot about yours.
Resolutions do work, if the motivation and help are available to accomplish them. But help, in my opinion, is the key. If you are married, have your spouse help you keep on track with whatever your goal was, or if its too personal, make sure you write it down, review it and motivate and help yourself with it.

I don’t sell or promote much on this site, but there is a free app I have on my android phone that is very helpful and powerful.  Its called HABIT STREAK, look for it.  Neat little app that when I wake up everymorning, I have a notification on my phone, open it and this app asks if I did certain things the day before, then it tracks my progress.  So every morning, my phone literally asks me if I told my wife I love her, if I got my blog done, if I did something to build my business, etc….

Lets look at how I am doing..   68 out of 81 days I did my blog, 60/81 days I remembered to remind my wife I love her, 37/80 days I did something to build my business (Need to work on that one),  etc..

If you are like me, ADD, special, whatever you call it, then this little app does help keep you focused…  Check it out, its free…..

Anyway, lets pull out our resolution papers and see if we can get ourselves back on track for 2012…

Build, Inspire, Live

Linden P

Good things come…..

tgim build inspire live lindenLOL I have liked this saying ever since I was a kid. But waiting for good things to happen was never my strong suit. I am not a patient guy at all. I do prefer to go looking for good things to happen or creating things that are good.
Many people I know and yes, even me included, spend a lot of time working on details, plans and strategies for something good. Instead, maybe we should get off our asses and use action to get the good we want. I pride myself on being somewhat creative, I get lots of ideas in this head of mine, but for the most part they end up being stored somewhere in my “todo” bin. Never seeing the light of day for the most part.
Sometimes, I spend a few too many hours working the ideas in my head, only to never put action to it.
I am vowing to start writing these ideas down and just a couple action steps that can be implemented right away. Maybe then I will begin to put action to some of these ideas and start seeing some of the good I want from them. Granted, not all will work, but if I can at least put some action into it, I bet some of them will work for me.
So maybe that little leather bond notebook I bought will finally come in handy:D

Have a great weekend,
Build, inspire, live

Linden P

Tattoos on kids?

fighting sioux tattoos tgimOk, they aren’t real, but I am a UND alumni so they are OK and cool right? lol And I wish them the best of luck this weekend. GO SIOUX!!!! Sorry FIGHTING SIOUX!!!!

So I like tattoo’s, they may not be socially normal, but I have 6 of them, 5 of them I have drawn myself. First one was kinda a college late night moment, but it was my 19th Birthday. lol
Anyway, today I want to talk about what your worst asset is? Is it a big butt? Tummy bulge? One eye lower than the other one? Maybe your ear is where your nose is supposed to be? What is it about YOU that you don’t like?
Think about it, it may be a simple answer, or maybe there are several answers….
Now, whatever it is, its yours, and yours alone. You have two choices here, make it special and own it, or change it. Now if you ear is where your nose is supposed to be, now that would be cool, I would own that, makes you very special…..But chances are, thats not the case. A big butt, tummy or balding head are things that can be changed if you can’t find a way to own them. Diet, exercise, hair implants, rogaine, whatever, there is a way to change your image. I personally started losing my hair years ago, when it got to a point, I just shaved it off, now its super easy to get ready and go. lol I have a keg where my 6 pack used to be. I have become friends with it and don’t mind it at all. I still work out 5 days a week, train for things, but never seem to mind that my “keg” stays with me.
So spend a few minutes today thinking about what area you could work on, and start working on it. Its not hard, won’t change overnight, but give it 6 months and whatever you are changing will have changed. Its all about finding ways to enjoy yourself and live your life happy…
Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.
Build, inspire, live.
Linden P.

Who makes the rules anyway?

linden pfeiffer's tgimI have spend most of my life living in the edge and over the line that apparently defines the BOX. I was kinda smart in school, an OK athlete, had friends that smoked, drank and others that didn’t. I love people, everyone of you. All my life, people use my least favorite words, “GROW UP!!” I refuse to do that. True I believe we all need to grow, but grow up?? What the hell does that mean? I am a father, husband and son, I love to play, period……
The dads in the neighborhood complained to me one day that I spend too much time outside tumbling, slipping and sliding, playing with my kids, their wives were on them to spend more time with their kids……Dud!!!!!! Christ we are only here for a brief moment, why would I waste it playing GROWN UP? My wife says I am a good father, although sometimes I know she wants to use those words on me, she doesn’t. She has known me for over 10 years and I would hope she understands me alittle by now.
So rules, who makes them and why do we follow them? When I became a doctor, I still spent alot of time outside the box, I opened and ran a HOMECARE company for 8 years, who needs an office and white coat? I am most comfortable in sweats and sweaters, so I wear what I want, my patients know me and understand quite quickly that my office is a place to smile, laugh and have fun, even when you are hurt.
I am not the most successful guy, but I do love my life and live it to the fullest.
How about you? How are you living your life?
Build, Inspire, Grow..

Linden Pfeiffer

Happy St. Patties Day….

st patricks day factsSo happy green beer day everyone.  Thats what St. Patties day is about right?  I am pretty sure it was started by the beer companies after a long night sharing a convention hall with the green food coloring association..  lol

Ok, just a few facts for you about this “Green Beer” holiday..

So this boy from Britain was kidnapped, shipped to Ireland and was a slave who tended sheep.  For 7 years he was enslaved until a voice came and told him to escape.  Well a pirate ship got him back to Britain where he found his family.  So far, this guy must have been a tough cookie with god on his side.

Well later this voice comes back to tell him to return to Ireland.  So he gets ordained and travels back to Ireland where he proceeds to get beat up, harassed by the Irish royalty, and admonished by his British superiors.  Doesn’t sound like a fun life.  After his death on March 17th 461 AD he was pretty much forgotten.  It took centuries before his legend was made a saint.

Huh, who knew??  Well this Patrick had a great strength, lived a life not many of us would choose to I imagine.  He deserves his sainthood and i will drink a green beer in his memory today.

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone.

Sorry haven’t written in awhile.

tgim lindenIts funny, you know i write about goals, keeping on track and inspirational things to help others stay focused and appreciate our time here on the rock. It takes focus and dedication to keep one’s self on track.  I apparently lost that the past week.  No worries, I am back and on track!  Did make some changes to the page too, so hopefully you like them.

So its Thursday today, the past week we have had temperatures in reach the 70’s and for MN in March thats pretty much unheard of.  We are ending the winter that never came.  I love the snow and winter, but we only had one real bout of snow this year and that didnt even require the snowblower to be started.  Makes me wonder what this summer will be like. Wonder what I will have for supper tonight?  You ever see that big ball of twine?  Why does the cat always rub my leg?  How many days till my birthday?……..

So, sorry, ADD moment there, so where was I??  Yeah, you only live once!!  Well thats good I think.  But I do see people everyday that don’t seem to know what living is, you know them, the ones who never had anything good to say, always talking about others in a bad way, full of negative energy, using excuses for every thing…..How can we help these people to realize that there is no time to waste on being unhappy?  Our time on this rock isn’t really that long, we should be enjoying every little aspect of it, living in the moment, feeling the warm breeze, freezing wind or the smell of rain.  If you are reading my blog, you are hopefully finding ways to enjoy life and now maybe its time to start sharing that.  Lets help some people find that living can be a great experience.

Build, inspire, live

Linden P

How do you choose to live your life?

miracle linden pfeifferI choose to see everything as a miracle, if you take the time to look at live and its events, creations, etc… You may start to think like I do.  Lets look at our bodies to start, these are amazing works of art, billions of cells working together to allow us to live.  In reality we need little fuel, product little waste, can heal ourselves, grow, change, adapt,etc…  How is that not a miracle???  Our minds work so well that we can recall many things from childhood, remember dates, special moments, faces and even come up with solutions to problems.  Amazing.

So how about something simpler?

Well lets take just a flower, or plant.  Again, requires very little fuel, produces very little waste, starts out as a seed,  then grows into something with a purpose.  But look at the amazing things just a simple flower does, it can open and close depending on its needs, it can turn and face the sun, produce oxygen and also reproduce.  AMAZING..

Take a look around and see the miracles you are missing.

Look at anything, even a chair across the office, the wood used was once a seed, the materials that make it up weren’t orginally that way, the metal had to be forged, molded, formed into its current shape, AMAZING!!  The stuffing, covering and even the stitching had to be created our of something else.  Babies are the easy things to look at as miracles, and they are precious ones at that, but the world around you is miraculous and you should be enjoying its creation.  Spend some time today appreciating some of the miracles around you.

Build, inspire, live

Linden P

Just Be YourSelf….Its what you are best at…

just be yourself lindenMy friends that have known me most of my life understand that change isn’t really my favorite thing.  I do change, and its a good thing, but for me it sometimes takes a little longer than average.  I don’t seem to change until I have figured out why its necessary to and how I want to change to happen.  I am myself, love being myself, although it sometimes scares people in my general area.  LOL  When I was getting older, people always ended up telling me to GROW UP!  Granted sometimes I acted before my brain can access any consequences (I have sinkce learned to change that), but for the most part, I find ways to do what makes ME happy.  I am myself and I love myself.

I am the best at being myself.

I remember pretending to be other people growning up, in my mind I was them, but in reality, unfortunately I couldn’t fly (not from lack of trying though), or climb walls, or shoot webs…I was me.  And I was pretty good at being me, making people laugh, smile and have fun, that was me…..  My friends would drop me off at a party or bar, knowing that when they returned in 15-20 minutes I would have met quite a few people and my friends would feel comfortable enough to join in.  Weird huh?  But I was good at meeting people and socializing.  I am not really afraid of much, death doesn’t frighten me much, we all die, he will take me when he needs me I guess.  Buying a motorcycle when I was 18 and taking off  by myself frightened my dad quite a bit, but not me.   It was fun to explore new things and meet new people.

I want you to be the best YOU that you can be.

Each of us is special, precious and beautiful in our own special way.  Don’t let anyone change that.  You can build your mind, change your habits, appearance, gain weigh, lose weight, etc.  But you have to be true to yourself.  When my hair started thinning on top, I shaved it off, I don’t really look in the mirror at myself much, i know what I look like:P  lol  Be happy in your body, if you aren’t, then find out what you need to do to become happy in it.  Lose weight, change clothes, staple a tail to your butt, whatever you want to do that makes you happy, go on, do it.  As long as it doesn’t hurt, mame or cause irreversible damage to someone else, go for it..  LOL

So, what was I babbling about when I started this post, oh yeah, love who you are, be the best you and be happy.

Build Inspire live

Linden P