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Hey, did you know……

you are special tgim lindenYou ARE special. Everyone of us IS, its just the way it is. I found this on facebook yesterday, loved it. I know I am special, most of my life people have made a point of saying “Oh, he’s just special…” lol
But we are all individually special, we mean the world to someone. Maybe you haven’t met that someone yet, but we all are special. Whether its your eyes, your smile, your posture, something about you makes someone else feel good. My wife, although I have probably never told her makes me feel so special when she laughs at me or one of my silly moments. I can’t explain it, but the feeling I get hearing her truly laugh is so wonderful.
You are special, you are unique, you are you!!!! So make the most of it, don’t let anyone ever drag you down, know deep down that you ARE you and special. True, you will never make everyone happy, you don’t have too. Look at me, for the most part, those that don’t know me very well would tell me to “Grow Up!!!” and believe me, I have heard that alot in my 40 years on earth. But I can’t and won’t change that part of me, I love life, love playing and really enjoy myself. You should too. Be silly, make someone smile, shoot milk out of their nose, whatever. Just be yourself and love it..
Thanks for being here with me.
Build, inspire, live

Linden Pfeiffer

Oh and special thanks to Michelle K for the posting the pic….

So jumping in the lake in February in MN is FUN?

tgim polar plunge lindenTomorrow I get to jump into a hole cut into the ice at Crystal Lake. Fun huh?? Well the fire department, and a bunch of EMT’s are there to restart my heart so what more could go wrong?
Fundraising can be fun sometimes, but I wonder why we need gimmicks to get people to donate to a worthy cause? Today I got my biggest donation so far, which means I not only get to jump into the hole cut in the ice, but now I can even get out… lol I was alittle scared I wouldn’t break the $300 limit, and would have had to stay in the lake till I raised it. Relax, its doesn’t really work that way. LOL
So todays post is for those who helped by donating their hard earned money and also for those who donate their time and energy too. I am president of the West St. Paul Kiwanis Club, we are a service club, mentoring close to 400 students involved in local school Key clubs. We raise money throughout the year to provide money for the student clubs to use, scholarships, we give 5 $1000 scholarships a year, donate money to the YMCA and also Dodge Nature Center. Its hard work organizing and managing our fundraising events. Thank god we have two angels who take most of that load for us, Thanks and thanks and thanks……..
I know times are tough, economy is crap, good jobs are rare and life is expensive. But giving even that $5 to an organization that needs it, is a great way to know you matter. Helping others seems to give me the most satisfaction, when I went looking for an organization that I could join to help more people, I chose Kiwanis, over the others, but that was me. If you have a local food shelf, homeless shelter, or other non-profit organization that helps others, maybe take a minute to find out what they can use that you can provide. Maybe its toothpaste, deodorant, money, food, coats, etc.. I was shocked to learn that our local food shelf likes those essentials like toothbrushes and toothpastes. Maybe you are good friends with a dentist who would like to donate those small sample tubes, or toothbrushes? Most non-profits can take a $1 and make it $10 worth of food, so money is always a great way to help too.
February is almost over, but maybe make March your month for finding a worthy cause and giving something of yourself to it? Feed your starving children (took my boys when they were like 4&5 and they had a blast. This year we are building Ikea dressers for a few hours to help out. The possibilities are endless, and only limited by your imagination when it comes to helping out. Maybe your neighbor is elderly and you just offer to shovel the drive or rake the leaves? I like the older folks, they have so many stories, life lessons and experience, you can’t help but learn if you can just listen.
Sorry for rambling on and on, but giving does make me feel great, hopefully it can help you too..
Build, inspire, live…


tgim pfeifferSMILE!!!

Thats it for today..

. Thanks Janene for the pic:D


Linden Pfeiffer

How do you deal with stress?

lgim load to bearThis pic is pretty good. Not much else to say about it. If you bear a heavy load, you shouldn’t!!! The effects of stress take years off your life, its not worth it. So if you have a heavy load, you need to find a way to reduce it. Break it apart and see if its really a heavy load or just you making it one… They say God only gives us what we can handle… I do deal with stress daily in my office and for the most part I find that the stress isn’t really that heavy, its our mind that makes it so. Granted this isn’t always the case, but in general it is.
So if you think you are bearing a heavy load, stop, take inventory and make sure your mind isn’t making it more than it is. Finding a better way to carry that load is the key..


Saturday Fever!!

tgim linden worryOk, so my blog is Thank God its Monday, but I do love the weekends too. I mn in the winter usually that involves snowmobiling or sledding with the kids, snowball fights the occasional snowman, etc. But this year is the year that winter forgot mn I think. Its February, I see motorcycles out and about, today my kids and wife went to the park on their bikes!!!!! In February IN MN!!!!
So how do you deal with the unexpected? For me, its easy, I just go with the flow 99% of the time. But for the majority of people I know thats not the case. But lets look at it my way for a minute k?
What control do I have over the weather in MN? Absolutely none. What control do I have over a cheating spouse, getting laid off, car accidents, etc. In most cases, Still NONE!!!!
So getting all worked up over it just doesnt seem right. Sure you are gonna worry, work through the shock and hopefully fix things or move on. But in my mind that process shouldn’t take more than a couple days at most. If we have no control over the situation, we should move on and make a new, better and more fun situation. Now things aren’t black and white most of the time, so take this with a grain of salt, but remember this information next time you are in the situation.
Worrying does nothing to help our situations, it only takes years off our already short existence. So this has been my saying for over 2 decades, if you worry, you lose……….if you worry, you lose…….
Worrying isn’t an action, it is an emotion. If you want to do something, take action instead of worrying. It will at least produce a result.
Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I hear people everyday who tell me about their stress, most of which is there because they are using emotions instead of taking some sort of action.

Happy Saturday.
Build, inspire, live


Happy Friday.

tgimpage linden pfeifferIts friday morning, woke up early to enjoy the quiet of a house with 3 kids sleeping soundly. But alas, that has ended early and there isn’t even any school today. :(

I hope everyone had a great week, if you follow this blog, you know mondays are my favorite day. But for most of you, I imagine Friday is your day. Fridays for most are the end of the week, time to reflect on how well your week went. So how did it go?
For me, I got some new marketing up and running for my clinic, YEAH!!! Finished my new clinic blog/website and got that up and running. Treated all my patients with a smile and also got in some CE hours I needed. So all in all a great week.
Today, kids are home, so I get to spend the day PLAYING. Still haven’t decided if the Zoo will be too busy for my tastes, but I know Chuckie Cheese will be hit by us for lunch. The weekends are always fun with 3 little ones, seems only 2 ever agree on what to do, so one person is always left unfulfilled at least to start.
If you have kids, remember to make as many memories as you can, life is short and time is too, so why waste it on worry or fear? Spend it with family, friends and smiles…
Build, inspire, live


Perceptions about Rugby and life..

tgim linden rugbyThese pictures have been flying around facebook the past month, love them. Being from ND that one is funny to me. Rugby was and still is one of my favorite sports, I played in college and then a few years after in men’s leagues in MN and MT.
I remember when I first told my folks I joined the rugby team. I was amazed they even knew what it was, but the look I got from my father wasn’t a good one. I wondered why, but then rugby in college seems to have a reputation.
Granted we did drink abit, party often and have fun, but no one ended up staying any length of time in jail, or died from it.
The sport itself is very energy filled, fast at time and sometimes looks a little violent, but it was a blast and the guys I played with, some are still great friends of mine.
In college though it seemed that most of us would end up in an alley or living in our van down by the river. But out of the 18 or so on our team, most have great careers, families and lives. Doctors, lawyers, business professionals, etc.. We turned out just fine for the most part, some even surprised me. lol
Life goes on, our pasts help shape and build us up to who we are today. Rugby was a big part of my life years ago, it helped build friends, social skills (ok, alcohol helped there too) and most of all a strong liver. lol Ok, it wasn’t all drinking and partying, we were an organized club, which prepared me somewhat for my role as president of Kiwanis, CEO of my business, mentor to my kids and youth, etc..
Its funny how life skills are acquired huh?
But perceptions was the point of this story, I try hard to no judge a book by its cover, but I am human and its hard. But I try. So if you met me years ago at a party, saw my with my loud mouth and a red solo cup in my hand, would you have the same perception of me in my clinic today? Probably not…
Remembering that each of us is a HUMAN BEING is the key here, everyone is created equal, some have developed talents and excelled at their skill, others haven’t found their talents yet. Maybe we should get to know others enough to help them find their talents so they can develop them too??
Just a thought.
Build, inspire, live..

Hope you had a great Valentines Day

valentines day inspireSo I was up early this morning, turned on the news, I never watch the news, its usually all bad stuff. And sure enough, not one mention of anyone having a great Valentines day, at least not yet. People killing others, priests hiring hit men to kill themselves, chemical weapons, tensions in the Gulf, etc. I turned it off.
So where does someone go for good news anyway? If you look at the studies, or hell if you watched GhostBusters 2, you know that negative thoughts can cause negative reactions. Remember GB2? The evil slime was powered by the mean people of New York.. Well its hard to stop, bad news is everywhere in our society, people must like it more than good news by the looks of my local news. Even the traffic lady is smiling when she tells me the roads are back up????
Finding positive and inspiring things will help keep you and your mind focused on your goals. It may not be that hard to find good positive news, its happening everywhere, you just have to look for it. So make sure and remember that bad and negative news, isn’t good for you, try looking for good and positive news.
Build, inspire, live.


Waiting rooms..

So if you follow me at all you remember I have cancer stuff that I need to keep on top of.  But man I hate waiting rooms.  Medical scans are some of the worst waits, they have you drink dyes sit and wait for an hour then finally an hour long scan..
Cool thing about tech is that now at least I can be somewhat productive.  Typed this post on my phones WordPress app.  Followed up with some emails. Returned calls. Ordered a new advertising logo for promo. Checked Facebook.  You get the picture, waiting rooms no longer have to be non productive times, you can be busy doing, building, inspiring and living while you “wait”.  You can never say there isn’t enough time if you look for ways to better use the time you have.

BLOGGING to show, sell or tell….the right way….

empower network lindenHey, I love blogging and last month ran across some training that helped me expand my audience and reach more people. Its call the Empower Network.

Blogging has unlimited possibilities, but for someone who wants to sell, show or tell others about something, it can have incredible power. The key to making blogging a success, for whatever the purpose, is having a platform that allows the most traffic to find your blog. Empower Network offers that and more.
Blogging about your business, educating people about yourself or your products, teaching life lessons you have learned, etc. Anything can be done through blogging. Problem is finding an audience to read your blog, comment and share it. Enter Empower Network, their platform allows more traffic, the training gets you up and running the right way to get your blog seen, and the support is awesome.
And its affordable as anything. Take a look at my other blog, click on the banner on top or the side to learn how Empower Network can help you reach your goals quicker and easier. And those that have used or use WordPress, you will recognize that is what they are using too.
Click here or on any of the Empower Network words above to take a tour and see if its the right solution for you.