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“YOU CAN’T …..”

Our minds are full of thoughts, but when our mind has negative thoughts, the best thing we can do is try and get rid of them. My kids use the words “I can’t” a lot, I try and stop them, have them look at what they think they can’t do and try and do it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but they have to try either way. I can’t is in my mind an excuse, and I don’t like excuses (now I sound like me mom, lol). But I have used it too in the past.

If your mind says you can’t do something, its time to DO something… Now, that doesn’t mean you can fly just by jumping off the roof, (Two broken heals taught me that), but it does mean you try and find a way to get yourself to fly. Maybe wings, maybe a balloon, maybe something no one has ever thought of. That is what trying means.. They say god only gives us as much as we can handle, I believe that!!! We just have to find the strength, will and determination to go forward. I watched an older movie the other night with my wife, What Dreams May Come, with Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr, loved the movie. Sad at times, but there is a man who found the courage and will to try…
Have a great day.
Build, inspire, Live.

Happy Monday

So the first fours words, “HAPPY, IMPATIENT, DEPENDENT, STJPIO” ????? mmmm, what do you think? LOL

Well I am pretty sure something like this isn’t that correct, but I am no psychologist. But what if I spent the rest of my life being HAPPY, IMPATIENT, DEPENDENT and STJPIO. Well I am happy, impatient, somewhat dependent, but I am never, ever STJPIO.. Whatever that is….. We are who we make ourselves to be, based on past experience, past memories, mentors, family, etc.. That is what made us who we are right now. Good news is, unless you are reading this from jail, you are probably doing OK. But like me, there might be a few things you want to change about yourself, whether its your weight, your stress, your friends, whatever it is, its doable. Remember I believe nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. It might now be easy, but anything easy usually isn’t that great anyway. So spend some time finding out what and how you can improve your life and get to work on it.
Build, Inspire, Live….

What is your Security Blanket like?

This picture brings back some serious memories as a child. When I was younger, had a recurring nightmare about being chased by snakes in the basement of our old house. The dreams went on for years then stopped. Since that day I haven’t been able to remember any dreams I have had since. Makes me wonder if I still only have that one recurring dream or if my dreams are all really cool and sci fi like.. lol
So I figure somewhere along the way, my mind decided that the nightmare wasn’t a good thing for me and blocked it for my protection. Now I am no Psycho analytical guy, so I haven’t paid much attention to why, how or even what my dream meant. Maybe that plays a role in why I am how I am huh?? lol

So my kids, all three of them each have several security systems in place already. My daughter had her blankie and nub forever it seems, finally it got flushed down the toilet by her by accident. (Yeah!!!) But she still has a dollies nub that she puts on her lips at night to fall asleep. My boys, well they have several stuffed animals that protect them through the night. My middle son even drew a really cool monster and put him under his bed for protection.
So what is your teddy bear or security blanket? What makes you feel 10 feet tall and bullet-proof (no, not alcohol, that would be a whole nother talk..)?
Mine is people, I need people around me to feel secure and safe. Weird as it seems, to a certain point, people make me feel comfortable. Now too many people (not a fan of crowds) do the opposite. But when I am in the mix with people, I seem at ease with life, social and very happy.
SO, what is your security blanket so to speak? Is it easy to use, or something more complicated? Finding what makes you feel safe and secure will help you on your journey through this adventure of life.
Make sure you think about it, find it if you haven’t yet and use it to enjoy life more..

Build, inspire, Live..

So who do you blame?

We all have excuses for why we aren’t where we want to be. Its the ones with less excuses that have made it farther down the path. Excuses are used by eveyone, “The grass is always greener” is an excuse too. Its no secret that things worth having or doing require some work and effort. Making excuses pretty much stops us in our tracks, its a way of admitting defeat. Excuses can be simple or complicated, next time you find yourself making an excuse, stop….. Think about your excuse, pick it apart and find out what you can do to remove that excuse from the equation. Blaming the economy, the lucky guy next door, your mean boss, etc, those are excuses, although life sometimes doesn t seem fair, I believe everything happens for a purpose, its how we react that defines who we are. Making excuses, I do it too, is something we need to remove from our thinking, its a challenge I know, but first step is to pick apart our excuses and find ways to remove them from the equation. Make today a great day.
Build, Inspire, Live!!

Why am I here?

I like this saying, but I truly believe we were put on this earth to be creative. To “DO” stuff. The creator, god or whatever you want to call him had a purpose for us and for our existence. Now, I am sure in my 40 years so far, I have pissed off many people and made countless more laugh.
Now whether I made you laugh or pissed off was, well your choice. You chose to either be happy with me or pissed at me. Choices!!!!! We all have choices. We choose every second of every day which path to take. Sometimes the choice we make has a reward, sometimes it has a penalty, but there is always a consequence. I try and teach my kids that they always have choices, sometimes the choice and consequence is obvious, most times its not quite that clear cut.
So remember today and everyday, that every choice we make has consequences and lets try and weigh those before we make our choice. Greed, lust and other emotions tend to blind us to the consequences, so when making a choice, try to dull down those emotions that may effect our outcome so you can make the right choice at the right time.

Build, inspire, Live…


OK, this is a tough one, everyone has a different motivating factor. For some its money, some its love, some its happiness, etc.. What motivates people is sometimes facinating. Reading other peoples biographies, you can see no one thing is the key to motivating everyone. Money I think is a big factor, but it shouldn’t be the main motivating factor, I think happiness and fun are much better motivators, but then I am not normal according to the testing done earlier in life:D lol
So what motivates you? If you don’t know, thats like shooting without a target in mind, you can never hit the target if you don’t know where it is. So first you should have a goal in mind, then you need to find out what would motivate you to move towards that goal, next and finally……….”GET OFF YOUR ASS”…. And get doing!!!!
Have a great tuesday. Build, Inspire, Live…..

“Sh@t Happens”

I like this saying, even though is considered profanity. Shit does happen, and its how we deal with it that defines who and what we are. Me for example, most things don’t really affect me, maybe its a flaw, but things happen, spending time worrying about them just isn’t very productive. Worrying about it doesn’t help the situation, solve the problem or accomplish anything except take years off your life. (sorry chiropractic creeping in)..
I believe that everything happens for a reason, yes, I believe in god, know he has a plan for us all but I think he gives us choices to see how we react to the situation. Worrying when shit happens instead of looking at what happened and trying to figure out your next step is the difference. Sure you will worry, about your kids, wife, family, friends, etc.. But when little “shit” happens, why dwell on it, waste energy worrying about it, just get up, wipe it off and get onto the next item at hand… Build, inspire, Live..

Enough Said!!!

None of us are perfect, if you think you are perfect, well you answered my question already then didn’t you.  Nobodies perfect, and people don’t like change that much so, what do we do?  Well how about we accept the fact that nobody is perfect and learn to live with it.  Expecting people to change or trying to make them change isn’t going to work in most cases.  Accepting them always works!!!  Why the little things drive so many people crazy is a mystery to me,  If you like the person, hell if you married the person expecting them to change in specific ways isn’t a good plan.  People don’t like to be pushed, I teach my kids, that if you push, people always push back, its in our nature.  Whether its physical pushing, bullying, or even as simple as trying to innocently changing someone.  Change is necessary, don’t get me wrong, but its not easy for most people and darn near impossible if someone else is pushing the change.  I have changed over the years, by my wife, my kids, friends and even society.  But it wasn’t overnight and in the end it was MY choice to change, not theirs.

My point today is to make sure and not let the little things get to you, that is no way to spend your life.  Becoming frustrated doesn’t help make others change.  Each of us is different and change only seems to happen for the good when that person themselves realizes the change is necessary.  Have a great weekend, build, inspire and live…..

“Do Your Dreams”

That saying “Do Your Dreams” was a fridge magnet my mother had, its now on our fridge still I think. But with 3 kids I will have to check again.
CS Elliot said “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” So today lets look alittle at that.
I have dreams, you have dreams, everyone has dreams of what life could be like. Much like the grass is always greener (see previous posts), dreams for many remain just that, dreams… What if we have a dream, set some goals to achieve that dream and then get to work on making it reality? Sounds easy huh? Well for me, one dream is the have a clinic full of patients who actually care about their health and want my service. Last year, I took the first step to making that a reality. I started at the end of my dream, worked my way backwards to finally find out where to start.
Looking at your dreams, whether they are HUGE or small, you need to dive deep into them and find what needs to be done first to get yourself aligned with your dream. Baby steps for me, maybe bigger steps for others. But action is required to make your grass greener or to make your dreams come true. Dreams are kinda tricky in that you might end up spending a lifetime dreaming of your dream and forget to take some action to make that dream reality. Its not that hard to start working towards your dream, maybe its saving some extra money each week, maybe its changing a personal habit that contradicts your dream, whatever it is, knowing what step to take and taking it are the first actions that need to be done.
So first you need to have your dream, then figure out where to start to get inline with it, next find some actions that will get you on the road to your dreams.
I can’t tell you what steps to take, because each of us is different, dreams are all different, means, talents, etc.. There isn’t one right way to do it, but there is a way to reach your dreams, you just need to find it. Build, inspire, live…..

What if…….

This morning I was thinking back on past life experiences and remember a few times where I wished I would have done something different. The WHAT IF…. problem. Hind sight is usually a WHAT IF scenerio isn’t it?
What if you would have stood up to that bully in childhood, what if you would have kissed that girl that one time, what if you would have invested in Microsoft, what if………The list goes on and on.
Well lucky for me, a lot of the time, if you remember, my mouth and body seem to work faster than my brain sometimes, so I have done a lot of my WHAT IF’s just out of instinct. But there are still so many I wish I would have done.
Why am I bringing this up, well lets make this year alittle different, lets try and do a few more what ifs when they are presented to us. Being bullied isn’t something anyone should have to go through. Standing up for oneself is the right thing to do. Maybe at the end of that date with a girl you really like, you DO kiss her, or at least try:D Sitting in your car wishing you would have tried isn’t good enough for us in 2012. Lets not miss out on opportunities because of fear, stand up, take action and make this year great. Build, inspire and live….
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