Monthly Archives: December 2011

What is your special talent?

Hey, its Christmas day and I looking back at all the things I am thankful for. It dawned on me that my personality, whether you love it or hate it, is close to the top of my list.

Growing up, mentors, life experiences helped me grow into who I am today. There aren’t too many people I can’t at least make a connection with, as this blog goes on, you will hear me tell of some past experiences and hopefully there is a lesson I learned along the way. Although I sometimes don’t like and adjust to change that well, repeating the lesson learned eventually I have to adapt.

Today, and everyday, I hope you take somewhat of an inventory, everyone has a talent that defines at least a little of who they are. My hope is you know and understand that talent and how it can help you each and every day. That talent might not be obvious, might not be that you can play music, sing or do back-flips, it may be that you make people happy when you are around or maybe even inspire them.
I want to wish everyone a happy, safe and healthy holiday season and a MERRY CHRISTMAS (i celebrate it, so I say it.)
I will be back in town next monday, until then, be yourself and be happy..

Welcome to TGIMonday

Mondays have always been my favorite day of the week.  Like new years, mondays are a fresh start.  A whole week to explore, learn and grow.  Most people meet, dread mondays, so I started this page to help motivate, inspire and fire people up for the week.

I am a 41yo father of 3, chiropractor by trade, traveler and all around fun guy.  I tend to see the glass as always full, even when its empty, so my view on life may be a bit off the normal, but hey, I have fun and seem to make others happy too.

So, when I can get to this blog, you will usually see a funny story, inspiration quote, me ranting on something that just doesn’t make sense to me, etc..

Combine my education, life lessons, family and friends, you may not agree with my views or even understand where I am coming from, but for the most part, common sense dictates my thinking.  Now government, the court system, medicine and many other things don’t seem to follow that common sense rule, so here and there you will find me literally disgusted with a certain topic, please don’t leave, its just my view.

And lastly, I do love travel, my wife worked in travel for 10 years before out kids were born, so you will see Tripazon is a small part of this site, if you care to join me on my adventures or maybe you just want know where I am so you can avoid running into me, stop over there and check it out.  Thousands of people make a living with MLM (multi-level marketing) so why not me?  Plus I get great travel deals..

Well I hope you enjoy playing in my mind-space and I hope you find motivation and success in life.


Linden P